Set and ready to go!

I received an SOS email from Anne a couple of days ago, hoping I could help her with a problem.

The problem you ask?? Well, our other bloggy friend Anna fell in love with The Aunts’ Quilt when she visited Amitie on her recent Australian visit. Anna is now hosting an Aunts’s Quilt Quiltalong, and Anne would like to join in, so Anne’s request to me was, could we possibly take a trip to Amitie to purchase the pattern before she went back home to Scotland? Well……let me think about this for a minute of two…….me? voluntarily visit a quilt shop?……..golly gosh, twist my arm…….oh, ok!!

So today, after twisting GJ’s and Miss Heather’s arms, instead of Eliott Stitchers, we picked Anne up and cruised on down to Amitie

20141028-164554.jpgwhere the lovely Carol, Louise and Judy were only too happy to help us all (yes, we’ve all decided to partake of Anna’s Quiltalong!! More arm twisting!!) choose fabrics and purchase the pattern.

After such strenuous exercise we were in serious need of sustenance and chanced upon this fabulous eatery

20141028-165020.jpgThe food was so delicious, and the service spot on!

20141028-165242.jpgGJ and I both had the grilled chicken salad (the centre photo) and I can’t begin to describe how tasty is was! We will definitely be going back. Hmm, it could become a tradition to eat here after an Amitie visit! Highly recommended.

So Anna, I have pattern

20141028-165546.jpgI have fabric

20141028-165611.jpgand I’m ready and raring to go!!

Anyone else joining in??

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Set and ready to go!

  1. Suz says:

    What a pretty range of fabrics you have chosen! It is a gorgeous pattern, so I could be tempted…..

  2. says:

    What a lovely day !
    So lovely to catch up with the gorgeous Anne !
    And I am so looking forward to doing the aunts quilt and seeing everyone’s progress!
    Thoroughly agree re lunch and a tradition worth starting!!!!!
    Love gjx

  3. normsandie says:

    Another adventurous day in the life. Caught the train to Amitie back in August when on a quick trip to Melbourne from WA. Great girls and luscious fabric and patterns. Count me in the QA. Keep up the good work.

  4. rachaeldaisy says:

    I’m so looking forward to seeing lots of Aunt’s Quilts being made. You’ve picked a lovely collection of fabrics!

  5. Thank you for your selfless devotion to international quilting relations, giving up your day to visit a quilt shop with me!! I can’t wait to get home and start sewing. The food was fabulous and you should definitely make it a tradition to eat there. (Please send a doggy bag when you do!)

  6. I was just looking at my Aunt’s Quilt the other day. I made it with Gina in 2006 with the Paris Flea Market range of fabric. The pattern looks so different in the bright modern fabrics but is such a great quilt.

  7. barbvedder says:

    it was fun to read Anna’s posts about your visit! yum lunch –
    wish I could, but I’m buried in projects – I’ll be watching and admiring.

  8. treadlemusic says:

    I’ve not seen that pattern before but……! Love!!!!! Your fabric choices are perfect!!!! You are the perfect friend to sacrifice so much for such a need!!!! (ROFL!!!!)

  9. Cécile says:

    Hi hi !! I think Anne chose the good person to bring back her the pattern of this quilt !!
    Good choice of fabrics !! 🙂
    I will admire your work in progress on internet because we’re late in France, and we don’t have all of your wonderful patterns ! And I have lots of quilts to finish…
    Have a lovely work together ! 😉

  10. thimbleanna says:


    I’m SOOOO excited that all of you guys have decided to join in! I LOVE your fabrics — it will be a blast to see all these different versions.

    And I’m wondering if that little lunch place is where Kellie, Jan and I went. We went just half a block down on the other side of the street — well, maybe almost to the corner. Our waiter was hysterical!

  11. Karen says:

    Yes! I signed up, and Anna brought a pattern back for me. I am waiting for a few fabrics, and so anxious to get started. This will be fun. A visit to Australia is on my bucket list. What beautiful fabrics you chose!

  12. What’s another project…!! I’m sure I have a project case for it…I will visit Amitie asap to get the pattern and the fabrics…Whoooo Hoooo. !!!

  13. Jan says:

    Well, that looks like a dream day ~ and your selection of fabrics is wonderful! If I didn’t have so many projects already in the works, I’d have jumped in. (As it was, I was teetering on the precipice!)

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