A special week – part 2

On Wednesday we had another road trip, this time to Millrose. I think Anne was a little overwhelmed at the size of this beautiful store! Maree was able to join us here, and we all had a ball shopping.

20141025-124018.jpgAt the cafe next door, we chose to sit outside under the pergola for lunch.

20141025-124213.jpgThe food, as usual, was scrumptious!

20141025-124246.jpgTuesday and Thursday we stitched in the studio, and in between eating, drinking, laughing and talking, we actually achieved quite a bit!

Miss Helen finished off the last of her hand pieced blocks

20141025-124813.jpgand started piecing them together. She also made lots of plans for the new fabrics purchased!

Maree had fun finishing off blocks for her “Message in a Bottle” and putting them together.

20141025-125223.jpgAnne started an embroidery block

20141025-125324.jpgand before the week was out, had finished it!

20141025-125356.jpgI think she’s happy!

Mrs Mac achieved heaps! Two boy quilt tops machined up


20141025-125616.jpgand stitched her hand pieced “Carpenter’s Wheel” blocks together

20141025-125711.jpgplus another hand project I’ll show you soon (yep, forgot to photograph that one!).

I pulled this put of the bag

20141025-125832.jpgnot realising I’d done so much! Nice surprise! I did spend nearly a whole day cutting out more tumblers

20141025-125926.jpgand hand pieced together another row. When I saw these luscious linens at Mary’s,

20141025-130133.jpgI knew I had to have some, so with some Kaffe’s from Mary’s too

20141025-130238.jpgthey were soon turned into giant pinwheels

20141025-130320.jpgLoving it!! The linens are these

20141025-130357.jpgOn the food front, Anne treated us to a ploughman’s lunch

20141025-130445.jpgand Mrs Mac baked some of her famous scones

20141025-130521.jpgsoooo delicious with a cuppa!

20141025-130555.jpgAnne was fascinated with our colourful bird life

20141025-130626.jpg(I think there’s a bit of gossiping happening here!)

20141025-130705.jpgSpring really is a contrary season; on Wednesday we’d had the air conditioner on, but Thursday dawned overcast and we needed the heater on!

20141025-130907.jpgWe watched the iris turn from buds at the beginning of the week, to blooms by the time we left on Friday morning

20141025-131002.jpgThank you Anne (and Malcolm!) for coming ALL the way to Australia to go on retreat with us! We had a ball!!

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to A special week – part 2

  1. Suz says:

    That is an awful lot of cutting! I don’t know what is more delightful- all that food or the yummy fabrics! Spring certainly has us on our toes with the changes in the weather!

  2. Jennifer G says:

    The bird pictures were especially precious. Thanks for sharing today!

  3. Kelly says:

    Well on the sewing front you ladies are over-achievers! Fantastic amount of work completed. If you hadn’t included the yummy food pictures I could think that you worked non-stop!!! Sounds and looks like you had a ball. All the best, Kelly

  4. Aaaaaaah ……… happy, happy times!! I’m amazed I can still fit in my clothes after all that delicious food!

  5. Linda says:

    Lucky you…looks like you had a lot of fun 🙂

  6. Cécile says:

    In France, we have fog and rain…booooh !!!
    I’m very happy for you and your friends that this week was unforgettable ! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing these happy moments, lovely projects and photos !

  7. rachaeldaisy says:

    Your posts are always jam packed with lovely things!!

  8. Cardygirl says:

    You did have fun!

  9. Maree says:

    THank you for including me , it was a relaxing few days. And productive ,not to mention all the yummy food !

  10. thimbleanna says:

    You lucky, lucky girls. All working on such beautiful projects. I LOVE your tumblers — and aren’t those moda dots the best?

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