Stitching – day 9

Another day spent mostly in the sun reading and relaxing!

I did come inside mid afternoon and finished the next block

20140908-171633.jpgand for the next hour and a half I’ve been playing with fabric combos and have started cutting out

20140908-171731.jpgLots of fun!!

What have you been doing today?

Achieved: finished another block, 6 more sets chosen and two cut out
Watching: re-runs of Wild at Heart and Doc Martin
When not stitching: reading The Shifting Fog by Kate Morton – totally engrossing!

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Stitching – day 9

  1. Annie Andrews says:

    Packed my case, organised my stitching but horrors not a stitch put in

  2. Suz says:

    I love Kate Morton! And I have made two siggy blocks for the bees I am in, and cut out a Vogue dress pattern! I think I may regret saying I would make a dress (or two!) for a friend!

  3. Helen F says:

    I luv your fabric combos – it is going to be a great quilt!! Maybe do some more quilting tonight! x

  4. Janine says:

    Well Miss M today I have been in the garden . Looking at my new Rose Bushes and working out the placement. Such a thrill as I managed to pick up a few old favourites. Hopefully the weather at the Hampton’s ( Mount Martha) will be good this week. I just love the warm in the air and the Sea breezes . Also getting back into some hand quilting. Takes a bit to get your head around it if you have been using Pearl thread. !! Enjoy xxx

  5. Great to see what you are doing. I have got my tree on my quilt and now for the leaves. You can find it on my blog today. Thanks for the encouragement to stitch.

  6. Cécile says:

    I love your fabrics…They remind me the summer : hot and yellow !!
    Today, for me, it will be a litte bit of quilting and one or two blocks !

  7. Carolyn says:

    Loving the background fabrics to your Steam Punk blocks. Today I have prepared 35 hexagons for paper piecing. Only 565 to go!

  8. Jan says:

    Love that Steam Punk block, especially the background. I spent about 3 hours sewing cushions for the school fair tonight so still going strong!

  9. thimbleanna says:

    YAY — you’re watching Doc Martin! I just finished season 6 — I wish they’d hurry and get the next season done and up on Netflix. I’m still plugging away on my TAW — I’m on row 29 3/4 — must finish row 30 by the end of the week! LOVE that Steampunk!

  10. Just catching up with all your sewing – you are doing very well indeed. I haven’t done quite as well over the weekend, or today, which was spent on domestic duties – I hope to catch up tomorrow. I didn’t like Colin Firth as Mr Darcy ……. I first read the book when I was 13 (it was a school prize) and have read it many times since. Mr Darcy would never have jumped in the lake with his clothes on – it would have been beneath his dignity!

  11. audrey says:

    Really fun blocks to see come together. I love your fabric combinations–always so interesting.:) If I would get off the computer I’m sure there would be much more sewing around here at my end!

  12. Pip says:

    You are being quite productive, sometimes I think choosing the right fabrics takes nearly as long as making the block, but it is so satisfying when it all comes together exactly how you envisaged.

  13. Quilter 501 says:

    My little featherweight is buzzing along on my selvedge quilt. Had to spend three days taking care of grandchildren while mom suffers horrible morning sickness….but I am getting a lot done.

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