Stitching – day 5/6

Sorry lovelies, computer Internet problems again! But I did post on Instagram, so technically I’ve kept the daily postings going. For those without Instagram, here’s what I’ve been up to.

I decided to try and start on the socks. Wisely, The Golfer chose a chair in the other side of the room, and thankfully I wear glasses for close work; wrangling four double pointed needles is not an easy task! I did learn how to long tail cast on by watching the video half a dozen times successfully……(eventually!!)

20140905-170252.jpgThe chocolate is to help sustain and keep sane!! I’m told that it gets easier………I do hope that’s true, or this project could be very short lived!!

Over the last two days I’ve also finished the row I was working on, on this quilt, and have pieced together the final row

20140905-170455.jpgThanks for your suggestions re the next step with this top; it will require some brain power and maths, so I’ll get to that soon.

Keep the comments coming about what you’re up to – love knowing you’re out there and stitching with me, so to speak!!

Achieved: socks started, final row pieced ready for attaching
Watched: Harry Potter – Chamber of Secrets/Goblet of Fire

Meredithe x

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21 Responses to Stitching – day 5/6

  1. Warning – once you get the hang of knitting socks, it gets to be addictive ……. especially when you use self-patterning yarns – you knit faster and faster to see how the pattern develops! I had a busy day yesterday – I even baked a cake, so the only sewing was more hexies for Mrs B in the evening.

  2. Mary says:

    I took a sock class a couple years ago – why I don’t know except it came into my head. I’m not a knitter although I knew the basics of casting on, knitting, and purling. My sister in law was taught by her sister in law who was from Germany so I was knitting differently than anyone else in the class. I didn’t know that there was more than one way to cast on, etc. I learned a lot, using fine needles got easier, and I made more than one pair of socks. When I wear them my feet feel like they’re getting a mini-massage so working through all the problems was worth it. The first class was “toe-up” socks so then I had to take the “top-down” class. Definitely preferred the toe up. Keep knitting and soon your husband will want a pair, too.

  3. lisa says:

    I have been very good Meredithe I’ve quilted a quilt and one side of binding to go!! what is that fabric range you have used above? Its very nice!!! good luck with your socks you need to check out Cherri Ralstons socks she is very good at them!!!

  4. Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! I’m in awe….

  5. Carolyn says:

    I love the chocolate coloured wool! I’m often asked to knit socks, but I have never tried. I will watch your progress with interest. I sewed more clamshells yesterday (3 in total) and I am about to do more tonight. Thank goodness for the weekend. I hope to get more time to sew!

  6. Heather B. says:

    You are steaming through this challenge Meredithe! Well done! I just love this quilt! I love the fabrics and the way you have placed the colours. I am enjoying reading about everyone’s progress which is very impressive! I have been sewing 1″ hexies together every day but I am going away on a holiday next week so my progress will be halted for a while. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Cécile says:

    As Carolyn, I will watch your progress with your socks. But care with chocolate !! It’s good to be addicted with patchwork but no with it !! LOL !
    For me, today will be like yesterday : quilting…I’m fed up with it but I want to finish it in september !
    Great afternoon ….no ! great evening ! 😉

  8. Annie. Andrews says:

    I put the fifth border on half logs of 80 logs, big decision how big do I make it. Good to get them done by sewing day at Sandra Boyle’s and a swap of strips.

  9. Glenda says:

    Love the socks ! I’m enjoying knitting and might try a pair later!
    Please learn all the tricks first!!!!!

  10. patchworkrose says:

    I start my socks from the toe up on Addi Turbo circular needles. Would never have completed the first sock on four needles. Good Luck.

  11. Hilda says:

    I just love this quilt Meredithe – the black squares set off the pretty fabrics so well! I can just picture the wrangling with those needles – I’ve had a go at sock circular knitting myself and decided it was not my calling! They do look wonderful finished though 🙂

  12. rachaeldaisy says:

    I’m always impressed by people who can knit socks. That chocolate looks paticularly yummy. I love your paper pieced project, your use of colour is really effective.

  13. Pip says:

    I just love how this quilt is emerging, it reminds me a bit of Chinese Lanterns. I’m a hopeless knitter so I leave all knitting to my sister and mother, much easier that way.

  14. Deborah Crook says:

    Dear Meredith, I’m enjoying your daily adventures and trying to keep up, despite late shifts etc. and i’m enjoying the grounding getting something done daily provides. i’ll try some photos but: Have started machine quilting my ‘leslie from maze and vale’ freeform patchwork . Am knitting garter stitch cardi and, when rigid 9mm needles proved too rigid for pleasant use, i found Wool Baa. A shop in Albert Park & knitters equivalent to a patchworkers haven. I bought 9mm bamboo circular needles there. With their helpful advice echoing in my ears i intend to transfer my cardi to circular needles rosay, begfore work! Have a creative weekend, cheers Deb

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. audrey says:

    Love that quilt you’re working on, the colors really pop. I’ve been doing a frame of hand quilting the last couple nights. I feel like I need the time with the hoop and of course progress is progress.:)

  16. Miss E says:

    Yummy quilt, as ever! I’ve been trying to fit in some sanity stitching while watching Downton Abbey series 1&2 (now waaaiiiiting for Series 3 to be returned to the local library), while unpicking my very first quilt top (which was only ever sewn to a doona cover). Now I have a bundle of ‘grandmother’s flower garden’ blocks, which I think I will unpick further, cut up into smaller hexagons and try my hand at English paper piecing. It strikes me this could be a good take-along project, even if it takes me the next 25 years to finish it.
    As for knitting socks, I would not know how to start! Hats off to you, Miss M (or should that be, Socks off?)

  17. The socks strike me as the easiest part of all that! I love knitting socks and, probably because I’ve been knitting for a long time and started on what these days folk refer to as DPNs – and I grew up knowing specifically as a set of needles – early in my knitting career (how else would you pick up and knit the neck bank on a jumper?) they hold few terrors and often strike me as the most sensible option for anything round. Also, socks are fun to knit. Also, they’re great to wear. Also, handknitted ones don’t have nasty, horrid, bumpy SEAMS near your tootsies! 🙂

  18. Jan says:

    Day 5/6 and still going…..probably more tidying the sewing room and playing with fabrics than stitching but did finish a little card holder that had been on the go for….a while! At least I’m reconnecting with my fabric. Your quilt is looking fantastic.

  19. bermudagirl says:

    Hi Meredithe, wow so many projects at once!! How do you keep your head straight! Well I love the quilt you are working on! Love this challenge you’ve made for us! I am still with it only missed Monday! Quilting away. Haven’t posted on my blog about it but do so on Facebook and Instagram which is fun.

    It is nice to know someone somewhere whey down in Aussieland is doing the same thing you are, well achieving the same stitching a day goal!

  20. Jen Overton says:

    that quilt-gorgeous. I thought it was dark brown and it reminded me of dark chocolates with lovely soft centres. I need chocolate

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