Eliott Stitchers

Lots of show and tell at Eliott Stitchers today!

GJ has finished her woolly bits block keeper

20140826-174347.jpghas had a little splurge on gorgeous fabric

20140826-174430.jpgis that teasing?? Here’s a sampling…..

20140826-174511.jpgand a pattern too

20140826-174554.jpgthere’s another quilt getting a binding!

20140826-175038.jpgand most importantly there are two new chairs, of which I’ve claimed this one (and requested GJ’s now finished French General quilt to be on!!)

20140826-174706.jpgsooooo comfy!!

Linda is half way there with her hexies

20140826-174951.jpgand deserves to be congratulated for sticking with this project!

FB has finished her Dilly Bag, all in Liberty

20140826-175409.jpgand is playing with Liberty hexies

20140826-175450.jpgFB also had this little cutie

20140826-175515.jpgwhich opens out to this!

20140826-175539.jpgI’ve dragged out this hand piecing from – dare I say it! – last decade!!

And lunch? Delicious pea and mint soup

20140826-175939.jpg(I love the green spotty knife with the serviette – great colour combo for a quilt, huh?) with all the accompaniments

A very satisfying day!

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Eliott Stitchers

  1. Cécile says:

    I think that it was a really wonderful day for your friends and yourself !!
    I love the backing (with many differents squares) of the quilt ! It’s so original !! It’s a good idea to end (?) some fabrics ! ..and the cutie is so cute !!
    Lots of good memories !! 🙂
    Have a great day Meredithe !

  2. Cardygirl says:

    Gosh I love reading about the Elliot stitchers….love what you do, thanks for sharing!

  3. Suz says:

    I agree with Cardygirl- love lots here! Cute little needlecase, Liberty hexies and that sweet Dilly bag!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. Everything including the soup looks delicious.

  5. Tina says:

    So much inspiration!

  6. barbvedder says:

    Hooray! I finally found you again. What great inspiration and that lunch looks amazing!! I’ve never had pea mint soup but is sounds fabulous.
    That hexie bag is adorable

  7. barbvedder says:

    p.s. that chair is beautiful!!

  8. bermudagirl says:

    Meredithe, what gorgeous fantastic photos you have to share with us today, when I saw the one on my feed I couldn’t resist. Good food, good friends, and lots of good fabric!!! What an understatement as I loved just about everything you had to show. That woolly bits block keeper is amazing love the colours. All the other quilting stuff is amazing that everyone has been doing so well done to them all. Love the hexies, I’ve really got to get into paper piecing!
    Thanks for sharing again!

  9. Kyle says:

    The Elliot stitchers sure know how to have a good time. Treasured moment with special talented friends.

  10. Pip says:

    Lunch looks scrummy, I’m always on the lookout for new soup ideas and pea and mint sounds nice and fresh for spring. Loving that pile of fabrics, I can see a few there that would have jumped into my bag as well.

  11. broderie says:

    Very good looking chair, I like it !!! Lots of good looking other bits also !

  12. Glenda says:

    Miss broderie you must come over and sit in the new chair !

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