Monday Ya-Ya’s

Just a few of us today at Ya-Ya’s, and would you believe not a needle was picked up! There was just too much to catch up on!!

Didn’t stop us from eating Fiona’s delicious, so light, passion fruit sponge

20140818-175800.jpgor admiring Trish’s beautiful Liberty stars

20140818-175835.jpgand what is Linda doing with these old quilt pieces??

20140818-175937.jpgHmmm………more on that next month!!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Monday too.

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Monday Ya-Ya’s

  1. Eileen McNeilly says:

    PASSIONFRUIT AND CREAM SPONGE!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m moe envious of your exploits htan ever. Loved the little flowers too

  2. Cécile says:

    Fiona’s cake seemed yummy !! Miamm…
    And I love the quilt under it !! 😉
    Have a lovely Monday too !

  3. The cake looks delicious!!

  4. Maree says:

    The quilt pieces look VERY interesting ? The cake looks devine !!

  5. bermudagirl says:

    Wow I always love what you have to share, that arrangement is just lovely and the cake looks positively yummy!! And the stars, well I won’t go on and bore you! You know how wonderful it all is!

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