Winter Weekend Away

Hello Dear Peeps! Did you have a lovely weekend? We had a lovely weekend! The Golfer and I went for a weekend away in the country with two other couples.

As you will see, the weather around the Daylesford area over the weekend was cold, foggy, wet and miserable……Perfect Winter Weather! And I thoroughly enjoyed it, delighted in it, even revelled in it!

We started out on Friday, The Golfer, Maree and I, and The Golfer kindly stopped on the way so Maree could have her first visit to Millrose! (Definitely a return visit happening there!!). And I didn’t buy anything…not a thing…..true!!

Our leisurely drive ended at Daylesford, and while The Golfer checked out the golf course (of course!), Maree and I toured the shops and ended up at Sweet Decadence…….

20140623-121258.jpg(even the marshmallow had a chocolate coating!)

Our next stop was The Farmers Arms waiting for the workers to join us

20140623-121604.jpgAh! Somebody had to do it!! I was amazed to find this as the wallpaper in the ladies’ loo!

20140623-121718.jpgWe did wonder where we were going as Miss L led us down unmade roads in the dark to our weekend destination, and the next morning our view from the house…..

20140623-122207.jpga cow, alpacas and fog!

Amazingly, ‘though after all these years I really shouldn’t be amazed, the golfers went off in the fog, cold and mizzle (a cross between mist and drizzle!) to play their beloved game! Sensibly, we girls stayed indoors, in the warm and dry, casting the occasional eye out the window

20140623-122521.jpgto see if the clouds had lightened. Hmmm?

20140623-122717.jpgNot yet!

20140623-122807.jpgEven the ducks weren’t interested

20140623-122849.jpgMid afternoon we did head back into Daylesford for another peruse of the shops, dodging mizzle by dashing from shop verandah to shop awning. Clouds lowered….

20140623-123135.jpgmizzle turned to rain, and we headed back.

Sunday morning was foggy too

20140623-125601.jpgand those silly boys headed off to swing a club at a little white ball again!

20140623-125917.jpgWe did go out to feed carrots to the cow

20140623-130011.jpg(the alpacas and cow had been give hay the day before, the carrots are a special treat for the cow!)

Too soon it was time to pack up, pick up the boys and head home; a most relaxing time!

I had hoped to update you daily on my Trip Around the World progress, but we had no internet connection at the house – silent phones, silent tablets!! Here’s what I achieved

20140623-130242.jpgI had these ready to add next

20140623-130311.jpgbut I think it needs a strong green or blue. Thoughts?

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Winter Weekend Away

  1. Irene Blanck says:

    I LOVE the cold wet weather for sewing. for your TAW how about chartreuse? that’s my favourite colour at the moment – along with orange, and blue and ……….. oh well I love them all!!

  2. Mary says:

    What’s a mizzle? (Mist and drizzle?). The gents found a golf course but there wasn’t a quilt shop to be found? I agree – definitely a strong color – I’d choose green as you didn’t use a strong green yet but maybe a red. Thanks.

  3. Helen F says:

    Oh M – I was thinking about you having a lovely weekend away and what lovely weather it was – but apparently that was only Melbourne – I can’t believe your weather was sooo bad. They must be crazy playing golf in that! for starters you would be flat out to see the ball. Did Maree do stitching as well and did you convert “L”?? Your block looks great!! x

  4. Helen F says:

    I forgot to say – luv the close up of the alpaca – Jazi Wu will luuuuv it!!!

  5. Hilda says:

    Looks like my sort of weather too – very pretty and atmospheric on the farm – and after the summer we’ve had no one would complain about a little rain?! your block looks great – and with your sense of colour I am sure you’ll pick just the right fabric 🙂

  6. Debbie Carraro says:

    Love your TAW block…how about a strong gold or red. Just a thought. Mine is progressing well and one day when I figure out instagram (or when Cardygirl gives me a lesson!) you will get to see it!

  7. What’s a bit of mizzle when you have good company and good food! Love the alpacas – although the poor things looked a bit soggy!
    I would bring in a green, to pick up the green you have already used, then maybe a strong pink and even a turquoise ……..

  8. Cécile says:

    In France, the summer began yesterday !! 🙂 yepeeh !!
    For the colors, why not …a Brown ? With the orange, I think it looks good …..but if you hesitate between the blue and the green, I choose the green !

  9. treadlemusic says:

    Love the “mizzle” phrase!!!!! Totally a new one for me but most apt!!! Your little piece could benefit from “pulling” the green out to the edges in a bit of a stronger statement!!! We don’t golf so don’t get the attraction of hitting that little white globe in such miserable(?) conditions that are so conducive to indoor endeavors!!!! LOL!!! Your photos are wonderful!!!! Hugs from the yet-soggy upper Midwest!-(

  10. What a lovely weekend you had and a beautiful view on such a misty morning. who won the golf?

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