Weekend doings – part 2

GJ and I had lots of fun on the other days of the weekend – quilting related if not strictly quilting.

Firstly I went to buy some new sheets and an under blanket – all on sale!! These were also on sale at the same store and happened to say “buy me, buy me!!”

20140609-123918.jpgGJ and I then headed to Ikea………

After returning home, we (that’s the royal we!), starting putting our purchases together. You gotta love a friend who comes with her own tool kit

20140609-125503.jpgthen proceeds to put it all together for you!!

There were two of these units, a clothes horse and we each bought a turquoise trolley – show you that soon.

I wasn’t idle while GJ worked hard; our entrée of Thai chicken drumsticks

20140609-125804.jpgthen home made pasta, yes, home made by me, with leek, salmon, a white sauce, and topped with pecorino and parsley

20140609-125947.jpgOver the weekend I’ve been filling the shelves. GJ saw an idea on Pinterest which I also wanted to use.

I knew there were some Fowlers Vacola jars in our shed. They’d been wrapped up for a move by the Kettles from country to city way back in 1979. I had great fun perusing the newspaper sheets from November and December of that year.

Houses were advertised with line drawings

20140609-130432.jpgsome cartoons are still going 35 years on!

20140609-130514.jpg$23,000.00 bought you a luxury car

20140609-130547.jpgand these men had changed Australian politics for ever

20140609-130628.jpgUnwrapped and washed

20140609-130727.jpgthe jars now provide easy to see access to those little things that often get put in the dreaded “safe place”!

20140609-130842.jpgBut the best event of the weekend was the moving to our home of this beautiful amoire, which takes the place of an open pine bookcase

20140609-131125.jpgI’ve been looking for something for years, and when this was offered to me, I jumped at it! It looks wonderful in the room and, strangely, despite the dark wood, makes the room appear bigger. I love it!!

It’s been a fab weekend! Thanks to everyone, especially GJ, for helping to make it so!!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Weekend doings – part 2

  1. Doreen says:

    Wow! SCORE!!!!!!!

  2. rachaeldaisy says:

    You had a great weekend with some lovely purchases and new furniture. your meal looks delicious. How interesting to see those old newspapers.

  3. Eileen McNeilly says:

    The furniture is absolutely beautifulllllllll


  4. First – armoire envy. Second – food envy. Third – fascinating to see the old newspapers!!

  5. Ann says:

    Wow, what a wonderfully productive weekend.

  6. Kyle says:

    What a great combo of new and old furniture. And it’s all new for you!

  7. Helen Yann says:

    Love Bed Bath and Table

  8. broderie says:

    Loving the new and old furniture, lots of new shelf space ! Must remember that Glenda is clever with a flat pack !

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