Squishy parcels

Two squishy parcels in the mail of late. Firstly from Material Obsession, this fabulous animal print

20140605-180115.jpgwith these others too!

20140605-180247.jpgAnd from Amitie, the next Liberty posting



Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Squishy parcels

  1. Helen F says:

    Nice M !!!

  2. Kyle says:

    Love what you got in your squishes.

  3. Lovely fabric. So lovely I feel the need to stroke it. Lucky you.

  4. I have Liberty fabric – some of which I must have had for ten years ……… but I can’t bear to use it! I will one day – after all I am finally using my beautiful Japanese silk threads on Mrs B!!

  5. They’re all so pretty! Isn’t it lovely when crafty things arrive in the mail?

  6. treadlemusic says:

    Gorgeous!!! And inspiring for sure!!!!!! So many different directions are possible………………

  7. Cardygirl says:


  8. rachaeldaisy says:

    It’s always lovely to get squishy parcels, especially when they’re full of extra fun fabrics like these ones! Do you have plans for the MO fabrics?

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