Class Show and Tell

Lorraine has another two blocks done for Farmer’s Wife

Jane’s little blocks are so cute!

20140602-170019.jpgNanette has a Lemoyne Star block

20140602-170202.jpgCarolyn has finished her daughter’s quilt top

20140602-170424.jpgDanielle’s hand quilting is coming along very nicely

20140602-170633.jpgChris is making progress with her Mrs B

20140602-170816.jpgAnd could this be……? Might this be…….?

20140602-171052.jpgThere’s a big reveal coming from Sue 1 soon!!

20140602-171304.jpgSo very exciting!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. rachaeldaisy says:

    Your class members are such clever cookies!! Every project is a delight!! I’m excited about the big reveal!!

  2. audrey says:

    Lots of quilty goodness in this post! Lovely to see the cheddar blocks and Sue’s project looks very intriguing!

  3. Lots of super sewing – Carolyn gets my vote this time!

  4. Jen Overton says:

    Sue’s looks so beautiful

  5. Looking forward to seeing what Sue 1 has to show…..the Mrs B quilts are amazing….

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