Eliott Stitchers

Four friends have started meeting regularly on a Tuesday; eating (of course!), sewing (naturally!) and, somewhat unexpectedly, watching The House of Eliott, a delightful series set in the 1920’s around two sisters who set up a dress making business. So there’s lots of beautiful fabrics and fashions as well as drama and intrigue!! As a consequence we’ve decided to call ourselves The Eliott Stitchers! (Every group has to have a name, right? That way you and I won’t get confused!!)

We don’t spend all our time watching the series, however and this week we each brought along a sewing basket.

Heather owns this beauty

20140521-174322.jpgI’ve not seen one with a lid like this. The inside is in good nick too

20140521-174410.jpgDid you spot the fabric? Have a look at this!

20140521-174444.jpgLinda brought along this basket

20140521-174651.jpgwhich we think has a silk lining

20140521-174732.jpgand also this box filled with all manner of things

20140521-174922.jpgincluding knicker elastic!

20140521-175012.jpgand these pins, which were Australian made!!

20140521-175047.jpgGJ has this one

20140521-175122.jpgwith a stunning aqua lining

20140521-175150.jpgespecially chosen by her Uncle O as a birthday present……

20140521-175319.jpgand this one, so similar,

20140521-175414.jpgwith chocolate lining and now containing, yep!, hexagons!!

20140521-175523.jpgMy contribution was the first sewing basket I received, I think from The Kettles.

20140521-175643.jpgIt’s a little sweetie, with a chocolate top and red lining

20140521-175818.jpgand holds, among other impedimenta, my smocking sample from Home Economics class Form 1, so I must have been about 13 years old. Pretty proud of this effort!

20140521-180233.jpgIn the sewing stakes, GJ is making big hexies

20140521-180357.jpgLinda little hexies

20140521-180433.jpg(and you can read more about them here)

Heather has been having a clean out and has discovered this hexie top

20140521-180646.jpgand these two of four blocks for a top


20140521-180808.jpgand I started block two of Cousin’s Walk

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Eliott Stitchers

  1. Kyle says:

    I’ve put the Eliott Sisters on my Netflix list and those hexies are calling to me. Love what you’ve all been working on.

  2. Jenny M says:

    Such sweet sewing baskets. And I remember doing a smocking sample at school too, many, many years ago.

  3. rachaeldaisy says:

    The Elliot Sisters was my favourite show years ago!! It’s wonderful to see all those fun baskets and their contents. You’re making me think I should pull my long term hexie project out and add a few more.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I loved The House of Elliot. I always had a crush on Jack. The sewing baskets are just beautiful and I love all the hexies.

  5. audrey says:

    Look at all that sewing basket fun! Love that birdie block on the bottom.:)

  6. I came across repeats of the House of Elliot on an obscure tv channel recently! I used to watch it many, many years ago, so happy memories.
    What a feast of sewing baskets – I am having a severe attack of basket envy!
    It is raining tday – of course it is, I am going to the hairdresser!

  7. Cardygirl says:

    Gorgeous baskets…love the hexies!

  8. *Wisher* says:

    Gorgeous looking sewing baskets.. Well done Eliott stitchers.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. cloudcoucou says:

    Ha ha, house of Elliot…that’s a blast from the past, used to love that! Those boxes are beautiful, I love that Aqua one ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. thimbleanna says:

    At first I thought maybe a requirment of this group was to be working on hexies! I have a little sewing box like the ones you’ve shown from when I was a little girl too. Love your smocking sample! When I die I want to come back as YOU — so I can go to all your different sewing groups!!!

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