Monday Ya-Ya’s

What better way to start the day than a cuppa and a piece of Trish’s dynamite brownie!

20140521-162356.jpghmmm! Fortified, time to look at show and tell, which seemed to carry the theme of “Compare and Contrast”.

Sandra and Margaret brought along their Block Swap quilts; each quilt contains the same blocks they’re just set differently.

20140521-162652.jpg(Can you see Fiona’s cute new shoes?). Sandra’s is finished

20140521-162816.jpgand Margaret’s is a top

20140521-162850.jpg‘cos she’s still deciding on a border

20140521-162935.jpgSandra also brought her Boston Pavement quilt, which is another Block Swap.

20140521-163114.jpgGJ and Kim had their Museum Medallion quilt tops, a lovely pattern from Judy Newman. This one is Kim’s

20140521-170423.jpgand this GJ’s

20140521-163613.jpgSame pattern, but looking so different

20140521-163710.jpgjust because of fabric choices!

20140521-163750.jpgIn other show and tell, Trish had this beauty

20140521-163838.jpgwhich had to be finished, said Trish, before the end of last century, and which she achieved!

20140521-163925.jpgThe pattern is an original from Trish, using blocks from Elly Sienkiewicz’s books, with the border adapted from a Di Ford quilt. Fiona helped Trish with the construction and gave lots of encouragement to finish it!

20140521-164052.jpgKim had these tops



20140521-164328.jpgand this quilt which was made entirely from what was on hand!

20140521-164439.jpg(see Ann’s cute shoes in this pic!), a lovely version of Drunkard’s Path

20140521-164517.jpgand Ann had this quilt

20140521-164618.jpgthat she’s made for her son

20140521-164651.jpgand the backing has just arrived from The City Quilter which is based in New York…..of course!!

20140521-165054.jpgThere was some smaller eye candy too, that set my heart a-flutter!

This is Linda’s

20140521-165324.jpgIsn’t it gorgeous??!!

20140521-165356.jpgand inside, more gorgeousness….blue hexies!

20140521-165538.jpgDeb had a cute tin

20140521-165624.jpgand inside her tin?

20140521-165706.jpgVery sweet!

And then we stitched at Linda’s table which was adorned with lilac and limes

<a href="”>20140521-165957.jpg
Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Monday Ya-Ya’s

  1. What an amazing collection of work! My favourite, of course, is Trish’s Baltimore – it is exquisite!! Love the tins and the shoes ……. I may have accidently bought a pair of boots in Majorca, I must remember to take a photo!
    My Mum would never have lilac in the house – she said it was unlucky (she had a whole list of superstitions, quite a few of which I have inherited!).
    Anne xo

  2. Oh to be a fly on the wall at your get-together – so much gorgeousness!

  3. thimbleanna says:

    How fun to see two different versions of the same quilts. Funny, Mom and I started a project years ago with the same idea — we were going to swap 9-patches and set them the same way as the above quilts but with different fabrics. Sadly, we never got past the first few blocks. ;-( And what? are you doing with lilacs in the fall??? Ours are just getting reading to bloom — in the spring!

  4. Wow, what a lot of beautiful sewing! They all look amazing!

  5. audrey says:

    Love to see the same pattern made up in different fabrics! Always so fascinating.:)

  6. Kyle says:

    What a great day you all had. And I did notice Fiona’s shoes straight off! Ha. Oh, yes, the quilts were awesome too. You guys just have too much fun!

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