I read on Kate’s bog about her crochet meditation, and while I like crochet, there’s something else that I can do which gives me a similar buzz, a feeling of relaxation, of meditation……

20140519-102422.jpgYes, I’ve been hand quilting……all weekend actually.

20140519-102615.jpgOutside the skies were grey, making one think it was chilly, but in fact we’re experiencing an Indian Summer; the temperatures have been very mild (20 – 23 degrees C) and the overnight temps mild too. Of course, I’ve put the Winter blankets on the bed!!

20140519-102839.jpgBut I digress……..

It’s been lovely hand quilting; plying the needle rhythmically, up and down, up and down the fabric,

20140519-103008.jpghearing the gentle “voosh” as the thread is pulled through the layers to form the stitch, and seeing those stitches multiply with each needle load. As a corner is completed, I run my hand over the indentations created; I made these tactile stitches, with needle, thread and thimble, slowly changing the flat landscape of fabric pieces into undulations of patterns. So very satisfying!

And a big thank you to Miss Helen, who introduced me to this Clover brand Threaded Needle Case

20140519-103730.jpgIt takes but a couple of minutes to thread and wind needle and thread into this case, then as each thread is finished, simply reach for another needle……. I had no idea how quickly each thread was used up in the quilting; it seems like no time before I’m threading the ten needles again!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed a lovey weekend.

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Meditation

  1. Janet says:

    That is exactly how I feel about hand quilting! :0) Enjoy!!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    You have made me totally “homesick” for hand quilting!!!!! I’ve been thinking of how to get back at it….but just a little of it as my fingers, wrists, etc don’t like the repetitive motion. I have an idea for a smaller lap quilt that will have an “Asian flair/flavor” and I’m thinking that some Sashiko quilting will be perfect………a more limited stitching motif. Your post has confirmed it for me!!!!! You captured the ‘feel’ wonderfully!!!! Hugs………………….

  3. Kyle says:

    Handing quilting is a form meditation. I love the needle dome. I know the instructions say one needle per slot but I actually put 3 needles in each and it works perfectly with 30 needles plus thread! Give it a try.

  4. Helen F says:

    Yes it is soothing M except when your arm and shoulder (& thumb) ache from quilting – nearly finished both quilts for twins & up to border on black and red quilt!! Glad you are FINALLY using your needle thingy – great tip from Kyle thanks!!!

  5. Glenda says:

    So beautifully written!
    I felt the whoosh of the needle and the joy in the stitch!
    You have inspired me to get my quilting out , perhaps with a cup of peppermint tea and a some soothing music on!!
    Love gjxx

  6. I love your description of stitching! It perfectly captures what it feels like to be sewing, creating with just your hands, fabric, and a needle and thread. I’ve been hand sewing over the weekend too (in between a spot of vintage hunting here and there), and I don’t think I could have been happier! 🙂

  7. Wonderful description of the joys of handquilting! I’ve enjoyed catching up with your last few posts – the fabric for Poppet is fabulous.
    There seems to be a problem with Tyepad again – hopefully it will be fixed soon, so that I can do my first back-home post.

  8. audrey says:

    Your Clover case is very clever! Loved reading your description of hand quilting. It’s one of lifes wonderful pleasures.:)

  9. You paint such a beautiful picture with your words. I did a lot of a hand quilting when I was heavily pregnant with my second child – it’s so relaxing 🙂 Hmm now where does one get their hands on a such a nifty contraption?

  10. rachaeldaisy says:

    I agree that hand quilting is so relaxing. Your description makes me wish I had some to work on right now! The quilt you are working on is so beautiful! I love the idea of the needle holder. I sometimes thread lots of needles and have them ready to go in my pincushion.

  11. thimbleanna says:

    Ahhh, you’ve described hand-quilting perfectly — nothing quite like it. I’ve never seen that clover needle thingy either — VERY clever!

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