Bits and pieces

Found these extra photos and thought I’d add them to a post….

GJ and I headed into town Tuesday and GJ came home newly shod!

20140503-180731.jpga case of “had to have” with the Liberty sides!! Perfect for her forays to the football this Winter!

20140503-180818.jpgwe also enjoyed a spot of refreshment, sharing this decadent triple chocolate mousse slice (the sides are shards of bitter dark chocolate….yummmm)

20140503-180919.jpgwith a coffee for GJ

20140503-180942.jpgand a hot chocolate for me

20140503-181010.jpgseriously The best hot chocolate ever! (We were at Ganache in Collins Street), and that slice……..heavenly. (I only ate it for you Pa Kettle!!)

Wednesday The Golfer and I spent all morning running around with errands and when he suggested we eat out for lunch, I wasn’t going to say no! I devoured delicious quiche and salad

20140503-181221.jpgwhich was served with a very pretty serviette

20140503-181259.jpgThe Golfer enjoyed a roast beef sandwich (and is yet to learnt to wait before eating!!)

The trees have been stunning this Autumn

20140503-181432.jpgthe richness of the colours a joy to behold!

20140503-181504.jpgThoroughly enjoying my walks around the neighbourhood!

20140503-181553.jpgToday I’m having a very quiet day at home – the first for nearly two weeks! So I won’t be answering the phone or the doorbell if you want me!! It’s cold and miserable outside, just my kind of weather! Perfect for nestling indoors with some stitching, prepping or quilting………hoping to do a little of each…….there should be some pics to show during the week.

Well, I’m off to get stuck in. Have a delightful Sunday, won’t you!

Much love
Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Bits and pieces

  1. Suz says:

    I love those boots! Don’t suppose you want to share where they came from? I’d love to buy a pair for my sister for her birthday! And Mister needs to wait before he eats so you can take a photo, Meredithe! ;-))

  2. Sandie says:

    Meredithe you always come up with a great find! Another thumbs up for those liberty boots. I too would love to know where they are from or at least the brand name so I can google them. Lunch, as always looks delicious. Cool and cloudy here in Perth today and lovely to be in my sewing space re-organising it (again).

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Super wonderful boots!!! Of course you had to get them! And that chocolate slice looks very tasty! I hope you’ve enjoyed your quiet Sunday and got lots of stitching and prep accomplished.

  4. Autumn colours are my favourites. Love the boots. Delicious food. Altogether a perfect post!!

  5. love the boots….I haven’t seen them at Liberty…..
    How nice to snuggle in at home on a cold wet day…..good for the soul….

  6. treadlemusic says:

    It is so hard to “wrap my head around” the idea of you moving into Fall/Autumn. We are struggling through some not so pleasant weather into Spring. (Check out my most recent post……”Hope springs eternal!!!!” LOL!). Those boots are wonderful!!!!!! Could definitely use a pair here!!!! Hugs………

  7. Kyle says:

    Love the boots and loved the treats. It’s nice to have a day or two when you can just snuggle in and relax and sew. I know you probably got a lot done.

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