Monday Ya-Ya’s

(Yes, running a little behind with my news!!)

Photos are few and far between unfortunately for this post, as yours truly forgot to put the camera battery on the charger after it died on Sunday, and my phone was on the charger too! So grateful thanks to Ann for her phone/camera, ‘cept I duffed a few (sorry Kim).


Linda is experimenting with hexagons – from large to small

20140430-165134.jpgCan you see that tiny one??

20140430-165206.jpgIt’s a quarter of an inch!!

There was some lovely show and tell…..

Deb has made this, all from her stash

20140503-175546.jpgthis one belongs to Maureen, who’s had some “enablers” to help with the making, creating and quilting!!

20140503-180156.jpgand Linda has been busy on the machine as well as with hexagons

20140503-180240.jpgLots of fun!

Meredithe x

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One Response to Monday Ya-Ya’s

  1. I’m sitting with my feet up, drinking wine and reading your blog, while Malcolm cooks dinner ……. it doesn’t get much better than that!!

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