Weekend stitching – part 2

Sunday was Woolly Bits day at Millrose!

The day started well for me; not two minutes inside the door and I’d already amassed this little group of goodies!

20140430-162419.jpgThere was some lovely show and tell…..

Katrina has finished her Firefly

20140430-162548.jpgisn’t it gorgeous?! and the bottom blocks are GJ’s and she’s well on the way to finishing hers.

Joy was busy punching out circles, quarter inch circles to be precise!!

20140430-162656.jpgJacinta is designing her own sewing envelope

20140430-162806.jpgJan was embellishing

20140430-162849.jpgand GJ put the finishing touches to her covered bag

20140430-162954.jpgThe shop was looking gorgeous, decked out in Autumn hues!

20140430-163203.jpgLunch time came round very quickly; this was the view from our table

20140430-163312.jpgand we happily tucked into our meals

20140430-163400.jpg(Last month I’d been in Sydney; apparently everyone sat waiting patiently after being served their meals, until someone realised I wasn’t there with camera at the ready and they could eat immediately!!!)

After lunch there was a special surprise for Katrina’s birthday!

20140430-163631.jpgThen all too soon it was time to pack away our sewing and head home in the beauty of an
Autumn sunset.

20140430-163910.jpgAnother blissful day!

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Weekend stitching – part 2

  1. Helen F says:

    Luuuv the organge materials!!!!

  2. Suz says:

    Lots of pretty things here Meredithe- love all that food and GJ’s bag is delightful! And I love the look of Jacinta’s project too!

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Lot’s of lovely wool play! It’s great to see close ups of those wonderful stitches. How clever to punch out circles.

  4. martha mumaw says:

    The tool that cuts out the circles where do you find it?   Martha Mumaw http://martha-sewwhatsnewcom.blogspot.com

  5. Hi Meredithe, Can you explain how the circle cutter works and where can it be purchased, another gadget that I need for Santas. Thank you.

  6. Di From Brisbane says:

    I too would like to know where to get the circle punch

  7. mandymunroe says:

    Lovely pics as always. Love the embroidered wool, wish I had a patience!

  8. wow…so much going on. I must keep an eye out for that Mollie crochet book…

  9. thimbleanna says:

    Is that “our” Jan???? If it is, tell her it’s disturbing that I have to find out what she’s working on from you LOL! Love those beautiful oranges at the shop!

  10. cloudcoucou says:

    I love the wool applique, it’s beautiful and it looks so pretty through the window 🙂

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