Weekend stitching – part 1

At a very brief call in to GJ over the weekend, I spied a plate of (presumably!) delicious Anzac Biscuits.

20140428-174455.jpg(GJ did give me one – or two! – to take home to eat! And they were delicious!!)

But at Miss Helen’s on Saturday, there was a sumptuous spread!

20140428-174655.jpgperched atop this lovely heirloom cloth

20140428-174756.jpgand my cuppa was resting on my favourite actress!

20140428-174937.jpgWith the cooler weather, many of us have turned to hand quilting; I’ve finished quilting my Flower Bed – hip, hip, hooray!!!!

20140428-175054.jpgMrs Mac is having fun with perle threads

20140428-175127.jpgSue is starting on her Christmas one (she’s getting in early!!)

20140428-175208.jpgand Helen has pulled out this one

20140428-175247.jpg(Shall we challenge her to finish it this Winter??!!)

Miss V is knitting a cardy for her granddaughter, with a little flower to go on the pocket

20140428-175436.jpgand she finished knitting all the pieces on the day

20140428-175526.jpgAnother, very satisfying time with my Stitch Sisters!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Weekend stitching – part 1

  1. Helen F says:

    Of course it will be finished this year M – along with the twins quilts for their birthday end of June!!!!! (then there is the other 3 basted quilts in the cupboard … the arm and leg border quilt that I have been quilting for over 10 years …………)

  2. Helen F says:

    Forgot to mention – blog land readers really can’t appreciate the amount of work you have put in to your hairy quilt as you have to acutally see it – all the embroidery and embellishment is truly amazing – just like looking at Marian’s antique crazy quilt. You have done such a fantastic job it deserves a place in your house TO HANG ALL YEAR ROUND!!!!!! x

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    I love the way your days are filled with sewing and tasty treats. Your Flower Bed quilt is gorgeous!! The flowers have so much character and the aqua border just sets it all off beautifully.

  4. Your Flower Bed quilt is absolutely stunning! So beautiful and vibrant!

  5. Well done on finishing your hairy quilt ……it looks fabulous..xx

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