Weekend Stitching


Our perfect Autumn weather turned decidedly Wintery over the weekend. I changed three times before heading out to Mrs Mac’s for sewing on Friday; long sleeves first as it looked cool outside, then short sleeves ‘cos it seemed quite mild, then long sleeves again as the morning cooled considerably! I did draw the line at boots though.

Luckily Mrs Mac had a fire burning for us

20140422-153126.jpgand some of my friends had succumbed to the call of the boots!

20140422-153505.jpgMiss M had a pretty new bag

20140422-153545.jpgand Miss Kaye had a lovely old basket, complete with round handles,

20140422-153628.jpgon legs

20140422-153650.jpgand with the inside lid still in relatively good condition.

20140422-153725.jpgApart from a good chat, there was lots of stitching

20140422-154105.jpgand, of course, what sewing day of mine with friends would be complete without…..food!

Delicious home made dip

20140422-154324.jpga variety of scrumptious slices and scones

20140422-154409.jpgand even though it was a bit early, some Easter eggs



Earlier in the week I’d been out with GJ to IKEA to hunt down some storage for GJ’s sewing studio. We came back with four CD units (put together by clever GJ!), an idea spotted by GJ on Pinterest.

20140422-155421.jpgand I thought this rug would be perfect…..

20140422-155511.jpgOn Saturday we started sorting and folding, placing the fabrics in the spaces, colour coding on the way

20140422-155644.jpgand doesn’t the rug look great with it?!

GJ also has a wardrobe from her growing up years now in use for storage too. I love the “appliqué” pattern on the doors!

20140422-155800.jpgThere was food here too; the astute among you (surely that’s all of you!), will notice that it’s the same photo as Sunday’s!!

20140422-160010.jpgand for those who asked, yes, the hot cross buns were made by GJ’s own fair hand (with a little help from her new Thermomix!), and yes, they did taste as good as they look……

20140422-160257.jpglight, tasty, with just the right amount of spices….and very moorish!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter break……it’s back into the swing now!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Weekend Stitching

  1. Love the CD containers. Great storage!

  2. Eileen McNeilly says:

    What a great idea with the CD units!!!! Now I’ll have the challenge of remembering them for later on when I get an opportunity to be shopping in the city. Love seeing the posts you share

  3. Lovely sewing, delicious food, excellent storage ……. and I love the rug. As you will have discovered, there is a major problem with Typepad (they are experiencing some sort of attack!!) so no blogging from me at the moment!

  4. rachaeldaisy says:

    It all looks wonderful with that friendly sewing and lovely food. The button rug is the perfect addition for a sewing room and those Cd cabinets are a great idea for neat fabric storage!

  5. Tina says:

    What a great idea for storing your fabric!

  6. treadlemusic says:

    I love those first photos with the lovely florals……..for those of us tip-toeing into Spring, those are so perfect. Just putting away the boots here! I didn’t get the wonderful Easter crossed current buns made this year and I sorely missed them. May relent and make them in the coming days!! Hugs…………………..

  7. Wow..I love the storage and the mat looks so good with it all. Glad to hear you had a lovely Easter

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