FAL – 2nd quarter 2014

Sadly, I’ve missed the deadline for finishes in the FAL first quarter of 2014. (Picture yours truly with a sad face!)

However, even though there were No Finishes, Progress Has Been Made!! And as Katy allows “roll overs”, I’m rolling over the projects from the first quarter into this quarter.

Here’s how they stand…….

1. Dashing Hues

20140413-123935.jpgTop is finished, backing thriftily made from “no-longer-desired-fabrics-from-library”, so quilting awaits!

2. Flower Bed

20140413-124222.jpgHand quilting well underway; blocks are done, just three more sashings and the border to go.

3. X and +

From this in February

20140413-124545.jpgit’s all cut out

20140413-124641.jpgand sewing has commenced

Should I put in a fourth? And if so, what???? I have a jumper nearly finished, another started for Poppet, a new technique for machine quilting I’d like to try, a block keeper to make, a hand quilted quilt nearly done……all doubtlessly? presumably? possibly? probably? conceivably achievable in 2 and a half months.

Hmmm……ok, let’s try for….

4. Bright Sky

20140413-130122.jpgand a new-to-me machine quilting technique!

Ooh, and I’m feeling rash so..

5(!). Block Keeper

20140413-131053.jpgThis is part of our BOM Cousin’s Walk from The Quilted Crow Girls, and I’m using the block made last week at The Gathering as part of it. (Ready for a sewing frenzy on this GJ??!!)

Now to press Publish and get it out in the ‘sphere!

Linking up with Katy for FAL Quarter 2. Wish me luck…..again!

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to FAL – 2nd quarter 2014

  1. Suz says:

    Firstly, wishing you luck! That is an impressive list! I love the look of Bright Sky…and a new machine quilting technique- sounds fascinating!

  2. Helen F says:

    Doing well so far M – we just have to keep plugging away to get all the ufo’s completed!!! – Sometimes it gets overwhelming with what we have to finish!!!!

  3. Glenda says:

    I’m up for the challenge miss m
    Block keeper here we come – fabrics ready !!

  4. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing you finish these 🙂

  5. Suzanne says:

    You can do it! The weather is cooling, more inside time. The ” bright sky” is looking very interesting. Nice colors.

  6. That’s the good thing about blogging – once you put it out there, you have to do it!! My UFOs are piling up again as I frantically sew the sampler quilt for the next block of classes at the College. Never mind, it’s all good fun!!

  7. I kinda think we wouldn’t have it any other way – i.e. lots of WIP. Love, love, love the flower bed. Looking forward to seeing the finished items.

  8. thimbleanna says:

    Looks like a great list — Good Luck!!!

  9. Belinda says:

    I’m swoon swoon swooning over just EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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