I’m supposed to be getting ready for a weekend away in Sydney, doing a class with Margaret Sampson George…..


This has been calling me for some time…….

And Poppet is due very shortly……

So, you see, I really neeeeeeded to make it……

And I was inspired by Cathie’s quilt top last week……

Here ’tis…..

20140325-114812.jpgAll from my fabric library (I have been picking up the odd elephant fabric lately!! Shhh!!)

20140325-114919.jpgIt was really quick to make, only a couple of hours.

Do you think I could have been influenced by these?

20140325-115053.jpg(it may say 8 bouchees on the cover…..let me assure you, there ain’t that many left now!!)

Ahem, now back to what I should be doing

20140325-115228.jpgwhile I ponder the quilting of Poppet’s elephant quilt.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Ummmm…..

  1. treadlemusic says:

    I much prefer “fabric library” to stash!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jan says:

    I am very jealous of your upcoming class with MSG! I hope you will take lots of photos and share the experience with us.
    Very sweet elephant top!

  3. Maree says:

    very cute elephants. love your hexagons too. have a great weekend

  4. Helen F says:


  5. audrey says:

    Your little quilt with elephants is delightful–so fun and sweet! LOVE, love, love the other project though. Wonderful colors!!

  6. Jenny M says:

    Beautiful creations! Yes, please do give us a full update after your weekend with MSG, lucky you!!

  7. Love the pachyderm fabrics! Those hexies coming along nicely! Love the colors you used.

  8. So cute ….. I would have loved to have quilted it for you ….looking forward to news of the big event

  9. I need to buy some elephant fabrics!! Lovely baby quilt, and super hexies. Have a wonderful time with MSG!

  10. Howard Ryan says:

    Hi Meredithe, I met you at Heathers Quilt emporium and did the template course, feathered star, which is going slowly but surely in between buying a house and trying to sell ours. Luv the design of hexagons and wanted to comment and see more but dont know where to go to do same. Can you email me with directions, etc. Sorry about the quick email and garbled message but Im packing boxes and concerned the guys will touch my sewing area.

    HOpe to hear from you and thank you for a very inspiring weekend. My husband liked it also as he says I dont talk too much when Im sewing locked in my world of fabric gathering….what a nice boy he is to give me pocket money to add to my stash.

    L Ann

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