Pushing the Boundaries – part 1

I’m in Moama!

Left The Golfer at home, and headed up the highway on Friday for a weekend workshop on my templates, at Heather’s Quilting Emporium. I’m staying with friend Lynette, who recently moved here, in her beautiful new home.

I’d phoned Heather a week or so beforehand to finalise some details, and heard workmen in the background. Heather suggested that all we’d need would be a slab and a roof……wouldn’t we?? Ha, ha??

The workmen didn’t get finished, so we are literally in a class room with a roof and a slab!!

20140309-171845.jpgbut it’s lovely! The weather has been quite hot warm, (Lynette insists it’s not hot, but I know it is hot!!), but the breeze is benign, and the outlook, as you can see, is juuuuust lovely!

I gave a talk on Saturday morning about using the templates, and it was great to have all my templates on display!!

20140309-173146.jpgwith my quilts hanging

20140309-173215.jpgand one or two borrowed from Helen

20140309-173250.jpgand Mrs Mac

20140309-173324.jpg(thanks girls!!)

A fabulous lunch followed the talk

20140309-173438.jpg(I fear I’m eating way too much!)

20140309-173516.jpgwith those golden eggs provided by the chooks in Heather’s garden

20140309-173601.jpgThose who were staying for the workshop ventured into Heather’s “shed” to shop for fabrics for their chosen template set, and all too soon were busy cutting….

This is Barb’s Pinwheel in the 12″

20140309-174149.jpgVal’s Parson’s Geese

20140309-174244.jpgLynette’s Dogwood

20140309-174325.jpgAnne’s Airplanes

20140309-174400.jpgEileen’s English Whirl

20140309-174527.jpgCheryl’s Pinwheel

20140309-174613.jpgand Kaye’s Icecream Sundae

20140309-174655.jpgAfter a full day, and with the sun sinking slowly on the horizon, it was time for a little snifter…or two

20140309-174833.jpgand more food!


20140309-175009.jpgand evidence of some more stitching!

20140309-175044.jpgIt was the best way to end a lovely day……sitting on a green, green lawn, under the shade of trees, on a warm evening, with new friends…..so relaxing…….kookaburras laughing at us

20140309-175156.jpg…the moon on the rise….

20140309-175235.jpgand on the way back to Lynette’s, a stunning silhouette…..

More tomorrow!

Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Pushing the Boundaries – part 1

  1. Hi Meredith, what a lovely environment you were in, yummy food, yummy fabrics, my mouth is watering. Ha ha thanks for sharing xxx joy

  2. Suz says:

    Besides all the pretty cutting and stitching, I would have been seriously tempted by that swimming pool! Did you have a dip?

  3. Glenda says:

    Looks wonderful ,
    Gorgeous display of your wonderful work!

  4. Meredithe, what a delight to have the opportunity to have you here sharing your knowledge and stories. I am so glad that you have enjoyed you time here. I am sure everyone who attended this workshop over the weekend joins me in thanking you for coming to see us in the country!!! I know that the pool has been tempting you all weekend so don’t forget to bring your togs tomorrow 🙂

  5. Doreen says:

    I am in dreamland…..with you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just lovely…………….hugs……………

  6. I am pea-green with envy!! How wonderful to see all your templates displayed, and the super interpretations of your blocks. And as for the food ……. yum, yum, yum!!!

  7. Hel says:

    Lovely open air class M! Great display of your gorgeous quilts and templates!!! Nice choices of fabrics from the girls!

  8. Hilda says:

    Lovely display of your quilts and templates. Am getting a good idea of how you use them – rotating mats, plastic templates, rotary cutters – looks very precise! Good thing it wasn’t a windy day Lol!

  9. audrey says:

    That looks absolutely delightful!

  10. trkingmomoe says:

    Thank you for this I enjoyed all your posts on this occasion.

  11. Martha says:

    Sounds like a very fun day. Stitching and food are the best combo. The display of your patterns looks fantastic.

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