Sewing and socialising…..

I met an acquaintance the other day who asked what I’d been up to. Such a difficult question to answer when the questioner is not a quilter! After some quick, intense, thinking I ended up saying, “hmm, not much, just sewing and socialising”!! But it actually is quite a lot, this sewing and socialising, and I shall share my weekend’s worth with you, ‘cos you understand!

Friday at GJ’s; always a delightful day!!

20140224-164912.jpgwith delicious home made tomato soup

20140224-164952.jpgand scrumptious cake and cream for afters

20140224-165029.jpgplus show and tell…..first a gorgeous top from Helen

20140224-165107.jpgthen Mrs Mac’s version of Dashing Hues, in pretty purples

Saturday at Kaye’s, where we’re always spoilt, both food wise and visually!!

20140224-165333.jpgAn extra special visual treat this time was seeing Miss C’s artwork (Kaye’s very talented daughter)

20140224-165605.jpgI especially loved this piece and want it in fabric, with co-ordinates from sections within it!

20140224-165713.jpgMiss C is indeed her mother’s daughter; collecting obviously runs in the blood!

20140224-165815.jpgand I loved this display, the juxtaposition between Miss C’s two loves; ballet and soccer!!

Sunday was a glorious day!!

20140224-165956.jpgAt the end of last week we’d had some wet stuff falling from the sky. It’s been a long time since we’d seen any and it took me a while to remember it was called…..ummm….precipit….no, no, er….moistu……no, don’t tell me…..ah, yes! Rain!! The subsequent days had been overcast and decidedly cool – not complaining, just saying(!) – so it was lovely to enjoy a sunny, mild, well, spectacular day, and at Millrose too!

As always there was lots to see, including a lovely display of Emma’s Terra Australis fabric

20140224-170728.jpgand our works in progress

20140224-170821.jpgso colourful, and such fun!

20140224-170858.jpgLast visit, I’d asked Sue about some low volume fabrics and she challenged me to put together some bolts, which I did with great pleasure and enthusiasm! This visit there’s a pile of fat quarter packs

20140224-171104.jpgwhich are labelled…..(this one came home with me!)

20140224-171135.jpgI was absolutely tickled pink!!!

It’s catchy, as Sue has decided to ask some of her visiting teachers to also choose fabrics for fat quarter bundles, and Judy has put together a gorgeous selection

20140224-171508.jpg(yes! One of these came home too!!)

I keep meaning to share with you the funny story of Catriona’s chooks; especial care was taken with the naming of each of the five chickens. After serious thought and consideration they are:-

:: Audrey Henburn
:: Henny Potter
:: Kelly Cluckson
:: Princess Layer, now known as Lindsay Lohen, and
:: Hennifer Lopez

Aren’t they clever?

There was so much to choose from for lunch, and after agonising indecision by us all……

20140224-171621.jpgReplete and sated, we stitched until late afternoon, then headed home in the sunshine.

All this, plus chat and laughter, and solving the problems of the world!! Such a blissful and satisfying weekend!!

Meredithe x

PS. If you’d like one of the bundles, just contact Millrose on the link above – they’ll be only too happy to assist!!

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10 Responses to Sewing and socialising…..

  1. Glenda says:

    What a talent miss c is !
    And I love Kaye’s green glass collection!
    Love gjxx

  2. I have just drooled all over my laptop ……. fabulous sewing, yummy food and super fat quarter bundles …….. just the thing for yet another wet and grey Monday morning!!

  3. cloudcoucou says:

    So much lovely stuff…it’s only 9:30 and I now feel very hungry!! Love the applique 🙂

  4. LB says:

    Best opening paragraph ever!!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    How fun to have a low volume bundle named for you! It looks like you’ve been having a wonderful time stitching — and, here on the blog, we definitely understand!

  6. It is awkward experience talking to non-quilters about what we do and why. I think perhaps maybe more for them however.
    Their responses to our passion and the time we spent on it usually comes across like a dig.
    Or maybe that’s me and how I take it. It’s usually, ” oh it’s nice to be crafty”, ” I wish I had so much free time” ” that seems like way too much work, I couldn’t possibly do that”, ” I’m not that homey”. Those are just a few, I can’t remember the worst of them. Still, I think these folks have no passions to pursue and are not fulfilled.
    Many quilters now just say they are fiber or textile artists and still have trouble explaining what they do. Looks like a lovely weekend Meredithe! Collections, fabrics,food and friends. What else could a girl ask for.

  7. Nancy says:

    I too find myself saying not much when responding to non quilters..They just don’t seem to get it.

  8. Helen F says:

    Those lunches at Millrose has everyone salivating!!!! Lots of eyecandy in this post – nice tomato soup GJ!!!!!

  9. Kyle says:

    Oh, my. You and the girls just have way too much fun. Non quilters just don’t know what they’re missing!

  10. Lou Lott says:

    Love Mary’s quilt top. What a great gift quilt that would make. How exciting to put a pack of fabrics together… now of course I’ll wait patiently to see what you make from it. I love that your fabric purchases are not limited to one style or genre.

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