Sewjourn Stitching – part 3

Sunday was our last day. There were some more shopping adventures.

20140219-130129.jpgBags this time, with gorgeous linings!

20140219-130218.jpgWhy, oh why didn’t I go with them????? Mind you, I wouldn’t have been able to decide between the green and the red!! Serious, serious bag envy! Then some bag show and tell, and Miss F’s stunning Sophie Digard

20140219-134419.jpg(Sigh! More bag envy!)

By leaving time, lots of progress had been made….

Jan K worked steadily on her wooly border. Gotta love this little birdy!

20140219-131443.jpgJan J put together blocks for her number 1 daughter’s quilt

20140219-131535.jpgMiss J completed her nine large Dresden Plates

20140219-131613.jpgMiss F stitched together more of her beautiful blocks

And me? I hadn’t intended buying anything at Mary’s, but saw this fabric and soon had gathered together some co-ordinates….

20140219-132003.jpgYou see, I have some special news. I’m going to be an Aunty! LittleBigBrother and DocSisterInLaw are having a baby girl in April!! I’m calling her Poppet, and Poppet needs at least one quilt, don’t you think? I thought this fabric would see Poppet through from babyhood to girlhood. My brain whirred all though Friday’s lunch…….. By Saturday, decision made, cutting started, sample block made……. I then hogged the design wall and gradually Poppet’s quilt grew

20140219-132715.jpg(there was a quick trip back to Mary’s for some more fabric on Saturday afternoon!). By Sunday morning the top was finished…..

20140219-132916.jpgNow to decide how to machine quilt it…….any ideas gratefully received. It needs to be easy, domestic machine quilting……you know it’s not my favourite task!

So once that was done, I started cutting what I had planned to sew at Sewjourn!

20140219-133210.jpg(Half cut by the time we left!). A piece of Miss F’s scrumptious chocolate cake and a cuppa

20140219-133333.jpg…then cars were packed, farewells made, and homeward bound!

Thank you to my fellow Sewjourners for a fabulous weekend, and a special thanks to you, GJ for organising it; we were an eclectic group, many of whom I didn’t know well before the weekend, but now count as dear friends. I’ve said it before, I know, but there’s nothing more special than the friendship of fabulous women, especially quilting women!!

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Sewjourn Stitching – part 3

  1. thimbleanna says:

    Oooooh, I LOVE your little quilt for Poppet! LOVE that touch of black with the gorgeous colors — what a great choice!

    I LOVE Jan J’s quilt too. I’m going to have to take credit for her fabric choices — ask her if she remembers that my jammies are made out of the same fabric as that giant flower print LOL!!!

  2. Di From Brisbane says:

    Hi Meredithe, I love the baby quilt especially the the borders.
    Do you know the name of the shop where the girls found those gorgeous bags!! I would love to get me one!,,,

  3. J says:

    What a wonderful time was had buy all. Yes Girls in Nighties and Jim Jams . Food galore and stitching with dear friends. Happy days.

  4. Lou Lott says:

    Miss F’s bag is indeed stunning! Love Sophie Digard.
    Looks like a productive weekend. Glad you all had fun.

  5. Suz says:

    Jan J’s and your new quilt are just lovely- I am such a sucker for pink! I need to have a sewing sojourn one day! It looks like so much fun!

  6. If I adopt you as my Aunt,will you make me a quilt like Poppet’s??!! The fabrics are so pretty, I think straightforward stitching in the ditch for the blocks, with something more adventurous on the big outer border would be good, or you could crosshatch the blocks.
    Fabulous bags, fabulous stitching, fabulous cake!!!!!

  7. Miss E says:

    I love Poppet’s quilt! If I were to machine quilt it, I would probably cross-hatch the blocks and do a 3-line cable (easily achieved with a domestic machine) around the outside. Stitch-in-the-ditch sounds good too… I am never happy with my in-the-ditch stitching, as it tends to jump out of the ditch when it can.
    Sounds like an amazing weekend … the photo of the cake has made me hungry!

  8. Hi Meredith, do so enjoy Poppets quilts. Sounds as though you had a great time with stitching friends. Do also enjoy reading
    Your Blog such pretty fabrics and quilts you put up to share.

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