Sewjourn Stitching – part 2

Remarkably, we all opted for an early night (must have been the shopping excitement!!), but we were up early(ish) on Saturday morning ready for the day.

Most of the Sewjourn newbies decided on an exploration of Lancefield township; it’s such a sweet little town with lots of interesting shops….as these photos will testify!

20140219-120510.jpgGood to see my friends helping the local economy! Jan K found some beautiful pieces at the local op shop. Feast your eyes on these…..

20140219-120724.jpgWhile the others were shopping, some of us were cutting and prepping like mad…..


20140219-120937.jpg…..before being called from the studio back to the house for a scrumptious lunch

20140219-121112.jpgand a lovely little gift bag each from GJ

20140219-121221.jpgwhich contained…..

20140219-121247.jpg….and no, it’s not a lippy, but a……

20140219-121326.jpg……pen!! Isn’t that cute?!

Then the sewing started in earnest by everyone!

20140219-121731.jpgSo many wonderful projects…..

20140219-121834.jpgI adore Carolyn’s Double Dresden…..

20140219-124025.jpgwhich will all have this gorgeous floral at the centre

We reluctantly (‘cos we didn’t want to stop sewing!) but eagerly (‘cos we were hungry! Sewing, talking and laughing uses up lots of calories!!!) made our way over to the pub for dinner, the nine of us choosing from a very varied menu…..and ending up with just 6 choices between us!

20140219-124531.jpgReplete, it was back for more stitching, some weary folk departed to their rooms, then a movie at the house, during which more disappeared!, and finally, movie finished, the last two remaining stumbled to bed.

More tomorrow!

Meredithe x

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11 Responses to Sewjourn Stitching – part 2

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    So envious of your stitching together opportunities…….I on the other hand dream of stitching but since the golfer took off for California……couldn’t wait one more day…….for ten days of golfing….I have to content myself caring for the animals, snow plowing and shoveling. This US winter will never end…..Keep the posts coming, I can always drool…..

  2. Helen F says:

    Did you get to see the end of the movie!!!! Love J’s finds from the op shop – is there one at Lancefield or was it from the antique shop? Double dresden looks fabulous – particularly luuuv the bright fabrics!!!! Where is poppets quilt???

  3. Out of all the fabulous sewing, the thing that caught my eye was the elephant!! As for the food – I will definitely have to step up the diet and fitness regime to get in shape!!

  4. Doreen says:

    Such a feast for the eyes!!! I just could not pick one fave……they’re all so gorgeous!!!! And those sheer purchases……..I would have many ideas for those!!! Your ‘sharing’ is awesome……only thing better would be to BE THERE!!!!!

  5. What a variety of fabrics and projects. I’d like to do them all. Looks like a fab time.

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Oh dear….you’re certainly painting a picture that’s hard to resist …. argggghhhhh!

  7. cloudcoucou says:

    Wow, sounds like a very busy day and so many pretty things to look at! I love that double dresden, such a fantastic combination of fabrics 🙂

  8. audrey says:

    Oh my goodness! LOVE that double dresden!

  9. Annie Andrews says:

    Just love the double Dresden ? Pattern available , you’re all very productive , so special having time away with like minded people, aren’t we lucky

  10. mandymunroe says:

    You girls know how to have fun!

  11. Kathy Biciocchi says:

    Your Double Dresden is so pretty! Is the pattern available? I am planning some projects using Dresden Plates with my Dad’s old ties, as a memory quilt. I would love to use this pattern!

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