Friday Stitching

Oh, it’s been a horrible weekend weather wise!! Hot, dry, windy and bush fires burning out of control. Thoughts and prayers with all those affected. It felt a bit like living in Winter – tucked up inside, not venturing forth, ‘cept it was stinking hot instead of freezing cold!!

I was quite productive……well, in fits and starts, but more of that later in the week.

First, we had stitching at Mrs Mac’s and granddaughter, Little Miss M, had had a birthday, turning a big 9!! And what would a stitching Nanna give a granddaughter, do you think?

20140210-161414.jpgYes, her first sewing basket…..and inside, some projects, fabric in her favourite colours, and habby items

20140210-161516.jpgincluding a pin cushion made by her Nanna, into which Little Miss M placed, beautifully colour coded, the pins!

20140210-161701.jpgNow Mrs Mac is working on a library bag for another granddaughter, Little Miss S, who has just started school. Very exciting!!

20140210-161802.jpgHelen is embroidering in pretty pink

20140210-162013.jpgand I took the last embellishment stitch in my Flower Bed.

20140210-162440.jpgyes, borders are all done! I just need to quilt it now. If it hadn’t been so hot on the weekend I would have basted it, but working with wooly bits is just a bit too much in the heat! Today looks like being the only cool day for a week, but there were lots of other things (like washing – couldn’t let us be knicker-less!!) to be done. Ah well, it’s not going anywhere!

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Friday Stitching

  1. Glenda says:

    Knicker-less would be cool!!!!!!

  2. What a fabulous birthday present – and yes, I spotted the little owl kit! I wish I could send you some of our rain and cold weather – or you hop on a plane and come for a visit!!

  3. Jan says:

    Oh, if we could only exchange some of our cold weather this week for a few extra degrees from you! Your project is beautiful ~ it will wait! Stay cool and safe.

  4. Jan says:

    Wooly bits is looking great!! Can’t wait to see it. x

  5. Lori Kay says:

    Please tell me where Helen found her embroidery pattern. It’s adorable!

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