Weekend stitching – part 1

Despite Saturday’s heat, eleven lovely ladies made their way to Miss E’s home to share an afternoon of stitching, gossip, laughter and, of course, delicious shared afternoon tea.

There was some bag envy…..

20140204-185415.jpg(both were gifts to Miss C and the other Miss C), tin envy….

20140204-185515.jpg(these are all Miss E’s family heirlooms – lovely histories attached), dress envy….

20140204-185635.jpg(I want this fabric!!), phone cover and lamp shade envy….

20140204-185738.jpg(we all want this lamp shade!) and the indulgence in fabulous food!

20140204-185844.jpgOh, you want to see what we were sewing? Hexagons seem to have taken over our sewing baskets, with half of us working on this addictive shape in a multitude of sizes and variations

20140204-190105.jpgthen some hand quilting (I know! Miss E is on a deadline and sat directly under the cool air vent!!), prep for machine work, beautiful squares with spots (can’t wait to see more of Miss A’s project!), Dresden Plates, and my wooly bits (which is getting there…..getting there!!)

Earlier that morning, I was out watering the garden and spotted a ball of fluff out of the corner of my eye whilst hydrating the lemon tree. He stayed there, most patiently, while I crept away for the camera and crept back again…..

20140204-190658.jpgThe hose swaying back and forth didn’t trouble him at all – probably too heat exhausted to move!

Speaking of which, thank you all so much for your exercise sympathy! I did manage to prepare a scrumptious dinner; bought cooked chook broken up on oak leaf lettuce leaves, with mango, avocado, pine nuts and a drizzle of salad dressing. So easy and so yummy!

20140204-190959.jpgHmmm hmmm!!

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Weekend stitching – part 1

  1. I’ve just had breakfast, but all that food is making me hungry again – especially your dinner! Lots of lovely fabrics, and lots of lovely sewing. I have been doing hexies as well, which will be revealed in today’s exciting news!!

  2. Doreen says:

    I love these posts!!!!! Keep ’em coming!!!! The hexies are gorgeous! The phone cover and lampshade are beautiful and the food……….well…………….enjoy a nosh for me!!!!!! Hugs…….

  3. thimbleanna says:

    I’m with Anne — your food pics are definitely making me hungry too. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  4. Kyle says:

    You girls have way too much fun!

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