Chivvied and Abraded

Have you heard that low level groaning over the last couple of weeks? You’ll have worked out it was coming from this direction, no doubt.

Yes, that was me…..and I do apologise. Most humbly.

You see, the gym reopened after a Seasonal hiatus two weeks ago and this bod was seriously affronted at being asked, nay demanded, to partake of such brutal exercising having done virtually nothing (apart from lug mountains of manchester, carry heavy boxes of crockery, and manoeuvre furniture) for about 8 weeks!furniture(no, no, not us!)

After a session of arm work at the first morning back at gym, I could barely lift a hand to the keyboard to compose posts, and after the next session, at which the instructor conspired to cripple us, sitting down became a dangerous occupation, as it then became quite difficult to stand (you may have heard louder groans and moans on these occasions).gym(no, no, also not us!!)

Then today I decided to begin swimming again. Seriously, I don’t know why I ever stop swimming (it comes in fits and starts, this urge), as once I hit the water I feel so at home. Must be something to do with being a Piscean. The swim centre, which is a 10 minute walk away (I know! No excuses!) has recently undergone a renovation, so what better reason to try out the new bathers I bought with Ma Kettle at Christmas. Ten laps done (with one or two, several, OK, lots of stops), and loving it!

However, The Golfer and I then proceeded to haul all the furniture back into MyDearFIL’s home (it had been taken out for house cleaning and carpet work purposes), in 35C heat.

Thankfully, a cool change has arrived – scheduled to last a mere 36 – 48 hours, but we’ll take what we can get – and I’m lying semi comatose on the couch. If I had the energy I’d get up, retrieve the camera, download the weekend’s photos and post about my delightful sewing days……..but that sounds far too energetic and I.Just.Can’t.Move! You’ll have to make do with this refreshing photo, courtesy of google images (as they all are), easily added without me having to rise from semi recumbent.pool(oh!  I wish!!!!!!!!!)

Now, can someone please get me a drink of water? Oh yes, forgot to mention, our gym instructor has also challenged us to 4 weeks of de-tox, and as the scales are reading perilously close to outrageous, it seems like a very good idea…, it seemed like a very good idea. No, no, I will prevail!

Now, about that drink? Please??  And can someone see to dinner too?  De-tox type dinner, of course!



Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow…..

Meredithe x

Dear Ma Kettle, the state of affairs at the gym and swimming may be grossly exaggerated, I love it and do not over do things. Promise! It was merely that I hadn’t used some muscles for some time and felt the odd twinge or two, your loving daughter xoxo

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9 Responses to Chivvied and Abraded

  1. Helen F says:

    Ha Ha M – I could hear you groaning from over here in Berwick!!!!! That’s how I felt after my first wrestle with the exercise bike last week!!!!!

  2. Sympathy from me ….. I am back in my routine after a long break over Christmas, and the muscles are complaining! And because of the antibiotics, I can’t even have a restorative glass of wine in the evenings!! Never mind, it will be worth it come October when we are slim, fit and altogether gorgeous!!

  3. Lynette Balchin says:

    I have also started swimming. My pool is heated and I feel like I am back north. So know what you mean when you say you feel at home in the water. Me too. Sounds like you need a good nights sleep. You deserve it.

  4. Sue Whitburn says:

    Hehe, I hear you!!- the trick is to never actually give up on exercise, as it is soooo hard to resume again! Very proud of you though and you will feel good too- if you can ever get your body of the couch again!!!! Xxxxxx

  5. Doreen says:

    It’s been years since I let go of any type of regular exercise……I know, not good, but, as was stated above, the best is not to stop so a “beginning again” is not an issue!!!!! As we are still in “comfort food” season, it is most difficult to move out of the warm, cozy home environment to implement what is needed so I will merely adjourn to the confines of my sewing ‘nest’ and think active thoughts!!! LOL! My background music will help to mask the distant groans I may hear!!!!! Hugs………………….gentle ones…………………

  6. thimbleanna says:

    Haha — I love your caveat to your Mum — isn’t it funny how our mums never want us to do anything strenuous? A detox sounds NO fun {she says while stuffing a brownie into her mouth}. Good Luck!

  7. Miss E says:

    You have my sympathy! I’m off this morning to aerobics and weights at the gym… you might hear me groaning later, too (but at least it’s cooler today).

  8. Debbie says:

    I feel for you Meredithe. I went back to tennis yesterday and I certainly know it today – not that we look like the professionals I saw in Melbourne a few short weeks ago. We do try very hard not to run and bending the knees and jumping seems highly overrated. Besides it hurts!! and all sorts of body parts wobble a bit too much for my liking!!! Not pretty but we do love it anyway.

  9. I love swimming but walking is generally my exercise of choice – you don’t have to find a pool to be able to walk! – and it’s one of those things you can crank up or down as much as necessary (or energy levels permit). I would have said, however, that any amount of furniture-heaving would definitely count as serious resistance training. As to detox? Yeah, I’m not much of a fan of that sort of thing, but if it works for you, well done. We’ll be cheering so hard from the sidelines that your groaning won’t be so evident!

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