Dashing Hues Bordered

Not only have I put the borders onto my Dashing Hues, I also have the backing ready! But first the borders.

On our visit to Cousin J, I bought these fabrics from Jiddi’s Patch

20140129-170353.jpgI couldn’t decide between them you see, so Sherren suggested using both, with green on two adjacent sides, and grey the others, with mitred corners. Loved this idea, but in the heat that was too much brain strain, so thought i might try something like this instead….

20140129-170510.jpgYou see there were other decisions to make too; pattern running this way?….

20140129-170956.jpgor this way?…..

20140129-171035.jpgDecisions made, time to start cutting. I cut across the width at 5.5″

20140129-171153.jpgtrimmed the selvedges and joined a green and grey together on the short ends (making sure the pattern was going the same direction on each piece)

20140129-171257.jpgmeasured through the centre of the quilt from top to bottom, halved the measurement, folded the border at the seam (wrong sides together)

20140129-171537.jpgmeasured from the folded edge, out the required measurement, and marked it with a pin

20140129-171704.jpglined up the ruler at the pin and along the cut edge

20140129-171819.jpgtook out the pin and cut

20140129-171853.jpgLining up the centre seam of the border with the middle of the sides of the quilt top, the borders were stitched on.

Repeating the process for the top and bottom border, I also needed to make sure the fabric pattern was facing the correct way, and that green and grey followed each other correctly!

20140129-172325.jpgAnd here it is with borders

20140129-172417.jpgI do like seeing the centre of the border lining up so beautifully with the centre of the blocks on the top and bottom!

20140129-172516.jpgI have enough of the fabrics to do a binding where – hopefully!! – there will be grey binding against the green borders and vice versa. Yet to nut out that process, but I have to quilt it first!!

And then the backing.

In the spirit of

:: making do
:: making an effort to reduce the fabrics in my library, and
:: making a gesture of solidarity with my Quilting Sisters who have taken the fabric diet pledge

I’ve decided to “make” my backings for quilts this year from those fabrics that I know I’ll never use, but are too good/nice/useful to give away!!

So I picked up a basket, plunged my hand in, grabbed a handful of fabrics, then, without a backward glance (how brave was that??!!) pressed, trimmed edges and selvedges, stitched, measured, cut and stitched some more….until…..


‘Til next time….

Yours, ever so smugly!

Meredithe x

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13 Responses to Dashing Hues Bordered

  1. mandymunroe says:

    Gorgeous great idea on the borders! I’ve been piecing backings with leftovers from the front and then adding larger pieces from my stash, it works really well with scrap quilts. btw you have some GREAT fabrics in that top, so jealous!

  2. Helen F says:

    Still luuuv the quilt and the double colour border looks fantastic!!!! – More food for thought for cousin J who is going great guns with her churn dash!!!!

  3. Doreen says:

    Love it all!!!!!!! This “fabric diet” thing is challenging!!!!!! Hugs…..

  4. Carole says:

    Looks great – you can deserve to feel smug ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for showing your process to centre the borders.

  5. Jennifer G says:

    Well done on the pieced backing! I keep saying to myself that I need to do that, then 5 minutes later, I order 5 yards of fabric because I just lack the better sense. Yours turned out great – it will inspire me on my next quilt!

  6. Cheryle says:

    Just love that idea, what a great way to combine two fabrics and it looks fantastic!!

  7. I love it! I hope you have enough for the binding. It will be great.

  8. Annie Andrews says:

    Well I initially thought no to the two borders but seeing it done its terrific . Congrats.

  9. I love the way you did the border – I may have to steal the idea!! Well done on using up some of the stash for the backing – I keep getting out fabric for the back, then thinking it is too nice to be hidden on the back!

  10. Great pieced back. Now and again I get pieced backs when I quilt for others. It’s such a great way to use up fabrics we have that we know we won’t use otherwise. Well done Meredithe.

  11. cloudcoucou says:

    Loads of gorgeous fabrics to spot here! And love your choice for the border. That idea is great…I’m rubbish at making decisions so it would be perfect for me!!

  12. All that precision. That’s why I’ll never be a quilter! Also, that “green” doesn’t look at all green to me, which is hardly surprising as I do have mild colourblindness (yes, I see colours, just not the same ones as everyone else), so putting colours together can be problematic. You obviously love the precision and have good colour sense. The whole thing looks fantastic and I don’t see why the “back” of a quilt should be plain. I love the notion of a quilt that you could conceivably use either way. I think your smugness is well deserved ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. thimbleanna says:

    I love the way you used both fabrics for your border! I had to laugh though, ’cause even though I know what you mean, in the “this way or this way” photos, the orientation of the pattern to the block was the same LOL. Anyway, this is a fun quilt — very colorful!!! A well deserved dose of smugness!

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