Sewing Days

I’ve had a couple of lovely sewing days in the last week, the first at Mrs Mac’s with Miss Helen, Miss S and Baby A.

Mrs Mac is making great progress with her hexagons, having joined several into rows and joining rows together. The blocks are scrumptious!!

20140129-164031.jpgI’m so taken with this quilt – love it!! I’ve already offered to have it!!

Helen’s blanket stitching is looking so pretty….

20140129-164245.jpgand I was playing with some hexagon shapes too!

20140129-164340.jpgLittle Baby A is starting to move, reaching and stretching for toys on one of her Nanna’s quilts. So gorgeous!!

20140129-164501.jpgLook what I had for afternoon tea – a whole bowl of Mrs Mac’s dynamite chocolate chip biscuits…….mmmmmmm!!! (No I did not eat them all – I did share…..just a couple!!)

20140129-164613.jpgMrs Mac had another squishy parcel in the mail…….just as delicious as the biscuits!!

My other lovely day was with GJ who has been a busy stitching girl…..

20140129-165058.jpghas had successful op shopping time…..

20140129-165157.jpgand made delicious tomato soup for lunch!

20140129-165245.jpgI do love spending time with my wonderful friends!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Sewing Days

  1. Janet says:

    I enjoy when you get together to stitch with your friends too! The project pictures are so inspiring :0) thanks for sharing!

  2. Doreen says:

    Your gatherings are beyond amazing!!! (I apologize if I’m repeating myself!!! ) The stitchings are so wonderfully fresh and happy…..and the “nosh” is fab as always!!!!!! Hugs………

  3. Wonderful stitching, wonderful food (except for tomato soup!) Counting the months, weeks, days until October!!

  4. Glenda says:

    I bet you’d like my tomato soup!!!
    And arnt we lucky to have the gorgeous miss m to stitch with !!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Ok, it’s settled. I want your life. Oh to have more than one sewing day a week. Ok, I’ll settle for one a month! You’re living the life. All those projects are beautiful. Love those hexagons!!!

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