Dashing Hues – part 2

So, how are your Dashing Hues coming along? Are you having fun? Are you experimenting with some new colours?

It wasn’t long before all my blocks were done….

20140119-154307.jpg(trimmings from the hst, in case you were wondering!!)

I dutifully counted them all….

20140119-154447.jpg…and came up with the magical number of 38! Er….um…..nothing goes into 38! Double checked with The Golfer……no, nothing goes into 38! Obviously a miscalculation, so it was back to the cutting board and machine to make another four blocks! Now with 42 blocks, time for a lay out on my design wall floor – easy peasy 6 x 7.

20140119-154750.jpg(and would you believe there was one left over…..arrrrgh!! I’m blaming it on the heat!!)

Pretty happy with that riot of colour!

Next, a great way to stitch them together.

Keeping the top block on top, stack the blocks in columns

20140119-155127.jpgand label each column with their consecutive numbers

20140119-155250.jpgPick up columns 1 and 2

20140119-155341.jpgTake the first block from column 1 and the first block from column 2.

20140119-155448.jpgPlace them right sides together and take to the machine. The columns are going to be chain pieced, so do NOT take them out of the machine at the end of the seam!!

20140119-155641.jpgtake the second block from column 1 and the second block from column 2

20140119-155829.jpgPlace right sides together and sew them too. Continue with all the blocks from column 1 and column 2. Once the last two blocks have been sewn together take out of the machine.

20140119-160008.jpgCan you see the chain of stitches holding the columns together?

20140119-160102.jpgNext, pick up the column 3 blocks

20140119-160255.jpgTake the first block from column 3

20140119-160405.jpglay it right sides together with the first block of column 2

20140119-160502.jpgand sew. Keep chain piece adding the column 3 blocks.

20140119-160613.jpgKeep adding the columns of blocks sequentially

20140119-160912.jpgOnce done, press all the first row block joining seams to the left, and second row block joining seams to the right

20140119-161056.jpgContinue pressing the seams alternately.

Sew the rows together; abut the seams and pin, then stitch

20140119-161307.jpgBefore you know it, it’s together!

20140119-161416.jpgNow it just needs a border! (My quilt holder upperer wasn’t available to help, hence the design wall floor pic!)

How big are you making your Dashing Hues?  (Find part 1 of Dashing Hues here)

Meredithe x

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14 Responses to Dashing Hues – part 2

  1. Helen F says:

    Aw I was getting all excited then, thinking it was a ta dah at the end with the border fabric on!!! but it looks like I will have to wait for the next post!!!!! Hey Mrs Mac how did you go with this tutorial???

  2. Carole says:

    Great post on how to chain piece. Those pins look very interesting, never seen those before.

  3. Hilda says:

    Great tutorial Meredithe and I had a chuckle at the Maths to start off… can so relate to that! And I now know what those pins are for – bought some once because they looked useful 😉

  4. Kyle says:

    Your quilt is a burst of color and excitement. Any time I can chain piece it saves so much time and thread. Thanks for your tutorial. Funny about your design floor, I was posting about the same thing tomorrow!

  5. mandymunroe says:

    Great fabrics, great blocks. Love it!

  6. audrey says:

    I’m following along vicariously, but I had to laugh at your magic number of 38. How does that happen? hehe I’ve tried your method of chain piecing blocks and I just don’t get it right. Ever. My mind somehow flipflops things and then I have a real situation. You almost make me want to try again though.;)

  7. Glenda says:

    I’m loving it!!!
    Getting the machine out now!!!

  8. Natalie Spilsbury says:

    Well, you have inspired me will go and sort out my fabric yours looks great thanks for sharing …natalie

  9. treadlemusic says:

    I love it!!!!!! And you gave such a great tute on organizing the stitching. I still “space out” and sew the wrong ones together……a big ‘duh’ moment then unsewing. Hugs…………….

  10. marian says:

    Meredithe, you’ve done it again, with your dashing ‘bright & and oh-so colourful’ palette.. looks magnificent!! x

  11. Looks fabulous – I need something bright for another dull dreary Monday morning!!

  12. thimbleanna says:

    SO fun Meredithe! I love the bright happy colors!!!

  13. I really like your method of assembling the top. Great info. I’ll definitely be using that idea in the future.

  14. Aileen Kennedy says:

    Interesting that you keep the columns together and just keep adding to the rows. I generally clip and iron each row as I go. Your way is much more efficient. Now I feel like a dope :b

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