A Special Visit

Tuesday. Miss Helen and I hit the freeway and headed southwest to the fair city of Geelong to visit my Cousin J, who, we co-incidentally discovered last year is also an old school friend of Miss Helen’s.

It started as an overcast day, but that didn’t diminish our excitement!! We chatted all the way (funny about that!!), and the journey took no time at all; before we knew it, we’d arrived!

This trip has been loooong in the planning, so there were hugs and laughter all round – much to the amusement of Cousin J’s husband Mr P!! Their home is lovely, set high on a hill, with spectacular views over Geelong and the bay (more of that shortly).

Cousin J is relatively new to quilting, but in true family fashion, has taken to it like a duck to water (she is my cousin after all!!). Look at what she’s achieved so far…..

Bright, cuddly, flannel quilt with chenille backing brought over for the binding

20140124-101901.jpgJapanese inspired…..

20140124-101933.jpganother striking flannel, made for Mr P

20140124-102025.jpgpretty pinwheels

20140124-102101.jpgand another pinwheel top (hmm….think there might be a trend here!)

20140124-102147.jpga framed appliqué

20140124-102235.jpgwith beautiful hand quilting

20140124-102304.jpgand Cousin J’s very first quilt

20140124-103403.jpglove the pieces of damask and other cloths

20140124-103443.jpgA bedroom has recently been transformed into a sewing room for Cousin J. It’s so neat and tidy…..

20140124-103656.jpg….with the next project laid out, ready to go. (She said she tidied up for us, but knowing Cousin J, I suspect it’s pretty much like this all the time!!)

20140124-103733.jpgIt’s a lovely sewing oasis!

20140124-103614.jpgCousin J has our Gran’s crystal cabinet, lovingly restored….

20140124-103955.jpgand lovely displays

20140124-104049.jpgAnd a gorgeous calendar!

20140124-104140.jpgMr P is pretty handy too, having made some of their beautiful timber furniture


20140124-104302.jpgWe were treated to delicious homemade chicken and vegetable soup (severe china envy!!)…..

20140124-104419.jpg….followed by Cousin J’s famous slice and a cuppa…..

20140124-104534.jpg….all the while trying to partake sensibly in the conversation, and not be distracted by this spectacular view!!

20140124-104643.jpgThis is also what’s seen from the lounge room and master bedroom…….sigh!!

20140124-104733.jpgAfter that we went shopping……but that might have to wait until tomorrow!

Thanks Cousin J and Mr P for a fabulous day!!

Meredithe x

PS I finally found where I put the cushions for the chairs on the deck yesterday (in the shed!), dusted them off, washed them down, attached them to the chairs so we could enjoy sitting in comfort. And today??……it’s raining!!!! Murphy’s Law!

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6 Responses to A Special Visit

  1. mandymunroe says:

    Wow, what lovely things! Sounds like you had a lovely time. The flowers need the rain 🙂

  2. treadlemusic says:

    You have the absolutely most wonderful friends whose homes seem to pop from the pages of magazines!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs…………….

  3. Glenda says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day !!!
    Gorgeous views and quilts!
    But we are talking Geelong!!
    Go Cats!!!

  4. Helen F says:

    Yes M we had a “WONDERFUL” day with “J”!!!! from kindergarten to quilting who would have thunk it!!!! Thanks J & P for a great time and sharing your gorgeous home!!!!

  5. What a fabulous day out – but then that’s the only kind you have! I bet there was lots of squealing!! Fabulous home, views, furniture …… and best of all – QUILTS!!
    ps – forgot the food and china!!

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