Saturday Stitching

The cool change slooooowly made its way across Melbourne on Friday night. I’d hoped for a strong, rip-roaring southerly to blast its way through open doors and windows and vanquish the heat from the house, but no, a benign, gentle, you-can’t-even-call-it-a-breeze, wafted its way through. So it’s taken 36 hours for the house to cool!

Yesterday it was sewing at mine, the first of my groups to get together for 2014!! We were all a bit comatose after all the heat, well that’s my excuse anyway, as I forgot to take foodie photos – so sorry. We even had birthday cake for Miss V, on which there were candles. As I carried the cake into the room the fan blew out half of them!! Never mind, didn’t spoil the taste or dampen the singing!

I was knocked out of my stupor by some amazing show and tell though.

Miss Kaye picked up this beautiful print on one of her recent antiquing trips….

20140119-133853.jpgisn’t it just so sweet?! We noticed the machine appears to be a left handed machine – most appropriate for our Molly Dooker Miss Kaye! I love the way this little girl’s tongue is caught between her teeth in concentration – that’s me!!

Miss Helen has been doing some splurging for all you fabric dieters…..

20140119-134539.jpgyum, yum, yum!!! A non-quilty friend of Miss Helen’s scored this for her at an op-shop…..

20140119-134841.jpg…..complete with pattern! (No, I forgot to look at what the pattern is)

Mrs Mac has had a big splurge!! (All in aid of the fabric dieters!!). So big I had to collage it!!

20140119-135030.jpg…love them all, but the selection at the top is my favourite!

It was so lovely to catch up with the goss from the past few weeks; lots of news, plans hatching for the new year, fun and laughter. There were busy fingers too throughout the day. Miss V started knitting for her granddaughter, Miss S was working on her Christmas quilt (more of both of these as they progress), Kaye was appliquéing

20140119-135206.jpgHelen made several hexie blocks

20140119-135306.jpgas did Mrs Mac

20140119-135443.jpgMiss R enjoyed the serenity and laughter, and I made numerous cups of tea and vegged in between!

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Saturday Stitching

  1. treadlemusic says:

    Gor-gee-ous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Helen’s “score” is wonderful, as are Mrs. Mac’s!!! The hexies are so sweet…….That is one fab group!!!!! B’day parties are the best!!!!! Hugs……..

  2. Helen F says:

    Was a great afternoon M! (as always)!!!!!

  3. It seems we were a little luckier with the cool change, since there was some real windiness involved (then again, we’re on top of a rise and get the gully winds, so I dare say that helped, too). I think I’d be looking for excuses to stay indoors if I had any of those fabulous lots of fabric to play with, though!

  4. Sue Whitburn says:

    We had a lovely time thank you- your tea making skills are superb!! X

  5. We call a Molly Dooker a corrie fister ……. so there, we have both learned something!!
    Fabulous fabrics – I have drooled all over the latop!!

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