A Long Weekend of Stitching – part 3


Bright and early, Jan, GJ and I headed up the freeway to Millrose for our last Wooly Bits Class for 2013.

And, excitingly, Liz had her quilt back from the quilter and finished (well, the last 18″ of binding was finished during class – at our insistence!!)

20131217-164505.jpg….doesn’t it look fantastic?! Hopefully it won’t be too long before Liz’s students have theirs finished too!!

Jan had some show and tell too. She’s definitely the Mistress of Embroidery….

20131217-164637.jpg..and this piece Jan learnt to do on an overseas trip a couple of months ago….

20131217-164803.jpgEvery stitch of this was done by hand! And to give it some context, that’s my little fingernail…..

20131217-164900.jpgSimply stunning, me thinks!

Catriona showed us the quilt she’s made for her daughter, currently living in London but coming home for Christmas!!

20131217-165155.jpg…and I love the back too…

The shop was looking very festive….



20131217-165431.jpg…with more treats on the tables to tempt us!


20131217-165539.jpgOf course we had our usual delicious lunches

20131217-165724.jpgI have all four of my borders prepared and stitched in place, and started on the embellishment in class….

20131217-170520.jpg(Oops, two circles and a bird to stitch down!!).

As usual, there was lots of banter, laughter, fun and stitching! We’ve become quite a cohesive group and now count each other as friends!

So looking forward to more Wooly Stitching Adventures in 2014!! Thank you Liz and Sue for an amazing year!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to A Long Weekend of Stitching – part 3

  1. Helen F says:

    wow M Jan’s stitching is to die for!!!!

  2. Glenda says:

    What a fun time we have ,
    We are so fortunate !
    Roll on woolie bits 2014!!!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Your borders are superb!!! And that stitching that Jan did is something I’ve not seen before!!! It’s reminiscent of Norwegian hardanger ……..which I have no patience for ;-( The shop is decorated with such flair…..fun!!!!! Hugs……

  4. I am so in love with the wooly bits – they have definitely gone to the to of the to-do list (well maybe behind Mrs Billings!). Jan’s stitching is fabulous ….. I have done a very small piece of drawn thread work, so I know how difficult it is. And all those goodies – so many projects, so little time!

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Is that Jan — OUR Jan??? That little stitchery is gorgeous — of course, I’m partial to the THIMBLE LOL. And I LOVE the Union Jack quilt — it’s fantastic. I love the back too!

  6. Geraldine says:

    Wishing you a magical Christmas season and all the good things in 2014! 🙂

  7. Geraldine says:

    this is very pretty!

  8. All the hand work is fabulous. Well done all of you. Your get togethers are fantastic. If I was lucky enough to be there I’d get as big as a house!
    After the woolly bits, what’s next?

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