A Long Weekend of Stitching – part 2


Mrs Christmas herself, Mrs Mac, was our Saturday hostess, and while we outdid ourselves with the catering, Mrs Mac outdid herself with the Christmas decs!

20131217-141946.jpgWe all contributed to dessert too; this is one of Mrs Mac’s famous pavs….

20131217-142034.jpgAfter that scrumptious lunch there was a little show and tell.

Miss Kaye’s Mariner’s Compass blocks are growing in number….

20131217-142222.jpg…and her Irene Blanck appliqué is stunning….

20131217-142334.jpgPardon? Was that a request for close ups? Then, of course!


20131217-142503.jpg…and our Suzie’s cool Christmas quilt, her own design (using some of my templates!), is coming along very nicely – we’ve all requested a pattern!!

20131217-142620.jpgA close up of this one too? Sure!

20131217-142658.jpgAnd the decorations? Mrs Mac’s beautiful village……


20131217-143158.jpgNow that surely gets you in the Christmas spirit!!

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to A Long Weekend of Stitching – part 2

  1. Jenny says:

    As usual a beautiful post. Also, a big thank you too for all your beautiful posts throughout this year. Happy Christmas!!

  2. Glenda says:

    What fab quilts , stunning !!!!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    That is one amazing post!! I would love poster sizes of your photos…..totally inspiring and that “nosh” table is breathtaking!!!!!! I think we all need some recipes!!!!!! LOL!

  4. Jo DeLorenzo says:

    Oh Meredithe, what a beautiful Christmas break -up your group had, lots of yummy food. The show and tell is gorgeous as well. How blessed are we to be amongst good friends and enjoying the spirit of Christmas. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014. I will look forward to your blogs in the new year because they are always so inspiring and it is fantastic to see what others are achieving. Thank you for all that you have given me through your blog. Kind regards Jo De Lorenzo Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:32:59 +0000 To: yoyojo-62@hotmail.com

  5. Carrolyn V says:

    such a wonderful post. I have read it again and again……so envious of you all and your talents. Very cold up here in the NW USA……I love the quilts. I FINALLY ordered about 6 sets of your wonderful templates from Material Obsession and am so delighted as they arrived today. Hurray, hurray…….

  6. audrey says:

    Love seeing the quilts in progress. Wonderful (enviable) talent! Always fun to see the scrumptious looking food too.:)

  7. Helen F says:

    I have cried buckets!!!!!!

  8. thimbleanna says:

    Beautiful pictures Meredithe — and foaming with Christmas spirit! The quilts in progress are all stunning too. Looks like the perfect get-together!!!

  9. I do like people who have the right piorities ….. of course the delicious food comes first, even before the stunning show and tell!!
    I think I will have to make a pavlova!!!!! (and I seem to recall that Mrs Mac made one for my birthday party)

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