An Achievement!

It’s been a huge weekend……I’ll catch you up on “the doings” during the week, but for tonight I’m sharing an achievement and then heading to bed!!

Can you keep a secret?

I have a “Ta-Da” moment…..

Nothing to do with fabric……

Nothing to do with quilting…..

Nothing to do even with stitching…..

This one is to do with…..

….the kitchen.

As a true Aussie, it’s a bit of a shame to admit that I’ve never made one of these before……

…..but now I have……

…..with the recipe from and 4 texts and 2 conversations with the wonderful Mrs Mac (for whom these are made as second nature!)

Have I strung this out long enough????

Here ’tis…..

My First Ever Pavlova!!

20131215-203450.jpg…which was taken for dessert last night with friends, and I’m proud to say there wasn’t a skerrick of it left…..and some people had two pieces!! Yippee!!

More soon

Meredithe x

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16 Responses to An Achievement!

  1. Lynette Balchin says:

    Yummo, lucky I wasn’t there or I would have grabbed it an ran!

  2. WilderSoul says:

    That looks delicious! Pavlova is my favourite food! Well done!

  3. Glenda says:

    I’ll look forward to a pav for arvo tea one day !!!gxx

  4. treadlemusic says:

    And the recipe is………….???? Looks luscious!!!!! Hugs……….

  5. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Well done ! Do you do home delivery ? lol

  6. Looks very decadent! I’ve never had that. I’ll have to google it.

  7. Well …… I can feel smug as I have been making them for years!!

  8. Helen F says:

    Congratulations M !!!! I was wondering whether you were going to tackle the pave or make your famous and delicious cherry clafoutis thingy.

  9. Liz McMahon says:

    Looks yummy, glad you took the photo 🙂 xxx

  10. Meran says:

    Well done! Mine always look good at first, then it starts to leak syrup, and start collapsing! I just buy them now. Meran

  11. alison says:

    Good on you! wish we could get over who invented them and just accept that it was us Kiwi’s, Ha!

  12. Looks delish Meredithe!! It is an achievement – I only perfected mine a couple of years ago!

  13. Carolyn says:

    It looks delicious! I’ve never made a pavlova either. How clever.

  14. Carole says:

    Congratulations on achieving the making of this Aussie icon, looks delish.

  15. thimbleanna says:

    Oooh, and with bananas — I would LOVE that! I’ve never made one either, although I’ve always wanted too. It looks delicious!!!

  16. Carole says:

    Wow Meredithe, love pavlova, my favourite, I even had the leftovers for breakfast, hate to admit this but it was nice.

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