Hexagon Tutorial

Several of you asked for a “how to” for the hexagons I’ve been making. After several attempts at photography – it’s quite difficult to photograph your own sewing whilst sewing, and get the focus right on a needle!! – here ’tis. Please excuse some of the poor pics – I gave up after 4 attempts!!

This is not the only way to stitch hexies, it’s just my way.

I did glue some hexies, but found the sewing of them just as quick and easier to stitch together. I cut 2 1/2″ squares and used 1″ hexies

20131210-102705.jpgFold in two sides and finger press

20131210-102806.jpgThread a needle and knot the end. Take a stitch at the fold, just through the fabric – don’t go through the hexie paper – then a second one

20131210-102926.jpgContinue to fold and double stitch to hold the folds….

20131210-103135.jpg…all the way around

20131210-103229.jpgAnd there’s a completed hexie

Now to stitch them together!

Lay out the hexagons

20131210-103919.jpgChoose which two to start (the middle hexagon and hexagon 2) and fold them right sides together

20131210-104207.jpgThread a needle and knot the end. Bring the needle up through the seam allowance (not the paper) and bring out at the corner

20131210-104655.jpgTake a stitch at the corner, through both fabrics (not through the paper), and repeat (pretend these are the same fabrics as before – dodgy pics!!), gently pulling the thread firm.

20131210-104957.jpgTake another stitch a little away, again gently pulling the thread firm – this was my revelation: they don’t need to be right next to each other!!

20131210-105135.jpgContinue along the seam…

20131210-105323.jpg…to the end

20131210-105437.jpgDouble stitch at the corner again, placing the needle through the second stitch loop to secure

20131210-105640.jpgThen take the needle into the seam allowance (not through the paper) and snip off

20131210-105743.jpgFirst seam done!

20131210-105843.jpgAnd from the right side

20131210-105936.jpgPick up the next piece in the sequence (hexagon 3) and again, place right sides together with hexagon 2

20131210-110144.jpgStitch the seam as previously, double stitching at the corner

20131210-110252.jpgSwing hexagon 3 around to make the next seam with hexagon 1 (middle hexagon) folding hexagon 2 to make it easier to stitch

20131210-111122.jpgDouble stitch in the corner, then continue as before stitching to the end and finishing off

20131210-111248.jpgContinue around until complete

20131210-111458.jpgAdd joiners in the same manner

20131210-111848.jpgOnce a hexagon is totally surrounded by other hexagons, the papers can be taken out. Again, I found it easier to get the stitched hexie papers out than the glued ones. The papers aren’t sewn through at any stage.

20131210-112037.jpgAnd it’s easy then to re-use the papers!

Enjoy your hexie creations!!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Hexagon Tutorial

  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks for sharing your technique to sew the hexies. It was how I would have done it, but my question is do you trim the underneath fabric to a 1/4″ from the sewn edge to eliminate some of the extra thickness?

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Excellent tute!!!! Love the paper piecing!!! Hugs……

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks Meredithe. Clear instructions and very easy to follow. I have a project using hexies and it’s helped me heaps. Thankyou for your wonderful, continuing enthusiasm. Much love x

  4. You will need to get a little tripod to sit the camera on, then use the timer on the camera to take “action shots” – Stuart gave me a terrific tripod a few years ago – it has bendy legs, so that you can angle the camera on to your hands.
    I have always cut my fabric in hexagon shapes, but your method of using squares must save a lot of time.
    Have a good weekend, Anne xoxo

  5. Glenda says:

    I rotary cut my hexies with a template .
    Happy to be photographer !!
    Great tutorial !!

  6. Great tutorial! I do mine slightly different as far as the stitching goes. And I trim the fabric on the inside to about 1/4 in after basting. I always love to see how everyone does theirs. And of course you do better than me because you took the time to do a great tutorial!! 😀 Have fun making hexies!!

  7. bermudagirl says:

    Great tutorial!! Makes me want to get paper piecing!

  8. Ann says:

    Great tutorial Meredithe, you’ve inspired me to get back to my hexi project. X

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