Happy Summer!

It must be Summertime; the sun is out, it’s warm outside and the first of my hydrangeas are blooming and I’ve picked them to enjoy inside

20131130-150709.jpgAh! Lovely! But…..

If its Summertime……

that means…..

it’s the first of December…..

The First of December!!


How did this happen????

Where has the year gone??

In my mind it’s about September at the latest!

Guess I’d better get a hustle on and prepare for all the end of year happenings! How are you going with your end of year happenings? I do hope you’re in a better frame of mind about it than I am!!

‘Til next time
Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Happy Summer!

  1. Ann says:

    How am I fairing? Not great. My two children’s birthdays are in dec. my mother-in-law and brother-in-law’s too. Haven’t bought one Christmas present yet, so I better get a move on too and try and get into the Christmas spirit. X

  2. Helen F says:

    I need another 6 months to get used to the idea of XMAS!!!! Like Ann above – have had tooo many birthdays at this time of year and still one to go!!! Your hydrangeas look gorgeous and match your basket quilt perfectly!!!!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Nope…….not ready!!!!!! But keep those beautiful hydrangea photos coming!!!!!! Eek!!! December is staring in my window!!!!! LOL! Hugs…….

  4. thimbleanna says:

    I’m with you — I’m still in September — at the latest! I’m doing ok with the end of year stuff — but I do have a fair amount of sewing still to do and lots of work between now and then!

  5. Suz says:

    I think with our ‘winter’ weather extending into November, threw us all out of whack! I am writing lists already! And I have an engagement party to get ready for too!

  6. Oh…I am sooo happy it is December….my Christmas village has been up for a month…shopping is half done and the plum puddings are made…and now I can get my Santa’s out…hahaha

  7. Beautiful hydrangeas! Most of the presents are bought and I’ll probably make the cake next week Busy sewing a present for Stuart, and I’ve something to make for Alison, which will be quick to do. I’m looking forward to putting the tree up and decorating the house with my Christmas wallhangings and cushions.

  8. Kim says:

    Unfortunately no!!!! Christmas Spirit hasn’t visited me yet. Think I might just skip December and move straight into January !!

  9. Miss E says:

    Fortunately most presents have been purchased… I’ve now moved on to buying and selling pre-loved texbooks for the new school year which will be here before we know it. There is just waaay too much to do at this time of year (and I still have one-and-a-half quilts to quilt and bind in the next 22 days). Hmmm.

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