Class Show and Tell

I croaked my way through class this week. My students are so understanding! I needed to be there to guide Mary through her binding…..

20131121-182355.jpgLois had appliquéd last week’s bird into place; he just needs an embroidered eye and beak….

20131121-182454.jpgLois also had the cutest little bag…..

20131121-221109.jpg…so handy for holding her threads…..

20131121-221143.jpgLorraine has another From The Dark Reaches of the Cupboard quilt finished….

20131121-182707.jpgCathie was busy making more quarter square triangles…..

20131121-221351.jpg…and which layout would Josephine choose for this pyramid hexagon?….

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Class Show and Tell

  1. I love Lorraine’s quilt – it is so pretty! Hope the voice is coming back – but I bet the Golfer is enjoying the peace and quiet!!!!

  2. What a cute bag! What a great gift for sewing pals. Wish I could sew right now.
    Love how that bird looks, what a fun quilt that will be.
    I choose the hexagon arrangements on the left. Nice fabrics.
    I hope you regain your voice soon. Don’t push it though.

  3. I too love the bag! Is there a tutorial somewhere for it? I at this week’s guild meeting I bought about 400 papers for 3/4 inch hexies. I like the pyramid. I think I will try that.

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