Hexagon Progress

My little pile of hexagons are all stitched together, and I’ve cut some grey squares, hexed them up, and started to join them together.

This is how I had planned that they’d be joined….

20131113-170125.jpg…but it looks like……well, a mess!! The Flower Garden design gets lost without an obvious delineation. It needs to be unpicked: I’ve stitched the pieces so well, I can’t see the thread to begin to unpick it, so I’ve done a Scarlett, fiddle-dee-dee!, and opted to try another lay out instead.

Like this….

20131113-170500.jpg…much better!

Does mean though, I need to cut a Huuuuge amount of grey bits! And I’m taking the papers out as I go and reusing them….

20131113-170731.jpgRecycling and saving myself some time at the end, I hope!

Linking up with Blossom Heart Quilts for Sew Cute Tuesday (yes, I know it’s Wednesday!!)

Meredithe x

PS Tutorial, as requested, coming soon – having a few photographic issues!!

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7 Responses to Hexagon Progress

  1. Lovely hexies. I’m glad you’ve converted. I like the new layout better even though it means adding a huge amount of grey bits. Well done Meredithe.

  2. Helen F says:

    What a waste of time – what is wrong with using Meredithe Clark’s signature collection templates like I did – noooo triple handling!!!!!!!

  3. I was just thinking of the second layout, when I scrolled down and found that you had used it! The grey “path” will be lovely for showinng off some beautiful hand quilting ……..

  4. Annie Andrews says:

    Love the hexes and the grey is perfect and yes you will have to do heaps. I saw a video with some extra tips on quiltindex.org they punch a hole in the centres of papers for easier removal of papers.

  5. I like the new layout. Is that freezer paper you used or did you use a fabric glue?
    Interesting looking technique. Looking forward to seeing your process.

  6. thimbleanna says:

    I love the fabrics you’ve chosen Meredithe. You can always make a pillow out of your first attempt — there are lots of hexie quilts out there that don’t have the “path” running through them!

  7. That looks like a lot of fun! I enjoy reading your blog. Very inspiring!

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