Fruit Loops and Vivacious Veggies

You know how much I love my fruit, particularly stone fruit, and that I’m relishing this time of year with the advent of nectarines, peaches and apricots to name but a few!

20131107-141844.jpgI’m making a plea today, to all of you!

Each week after class it is my joy to cross the square and venture into the green grocer’s to pick up our weekly supply of fruit and veg. I enjoy being able to choose my own (no racks of pre-packed goods here!), the fabulous variety, the knowledge that items like bananas haven’t been picked and stored for months on end, the fact that I can ask questions about the produce and have things like avocados hand picked for me and are ripe and ready when needed, which is also all part of the friendly service! It’s a long, long time since I purchased any fruit or veg from one of the big supermarket chain stores – despite their ads claiming differently, they just don’t cut it when it comes to freshness and quality!

20131107-142250.jpgThe colour alone is enough to bring rapture to a quilter’s heart!!

20131107-142513.jpgSo here’s my plea; if you don’t already, take the time to find a local green grocer….

20131107-142637.jpg….yes, it may be out of your way and it may cost a little more, but I guarantee the quality and freshness will amaze you, plus, we all know, you get what you pay for!

20131107-142804.jpgLet’s support the little guys – a valued Australian trait! – and relish the fresh produce that these people provide and give the big guys the flick!

Go on……I dare you!

Happy eating!
Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Fruit Loops and Vivacious Veggies

  1. Carolyn Scriven says:

    I do and could not agree more with you .

  2. Deb says:

    Totally endorse your plea. I cannot bear to purchase pre packed vegs or fruit. There is always without a doubt a bad orange, mouldy onion, jellified carrot or such. I love green grocers and buying Australian.

  3. Helen F says:

    I luuuv your local greengrocer – they are all so friendly!!!!!

  4. Natalie Spilsbury says:

    How lucky are you to have a greengrocer close by I would have to drive 3 hours. I can get fruit from our 12 trees though..natalie

  5. broderie says:

    I support that idea too, love a good local green grocer and Melbourne is spoilt by them !

  6. I wish I had an array of fruit and veggies like that locally – most of ours comes from the local supermarkets …… although most of it is good quality. We love when we go to Majorca on holiday and can wander round the Sunday market looking at all the fresh fruit and veg – probably picked he day before.

  7. thimbleanna says:

    Ooooh, those fruits look WONDERFUL. Your little Australian buddies introduced me to the delights of the Mango (that’s more of an exotic fruit for us) and now I’m hooked. I have it every morning with some nuts, yogurt and honey. My eyes are practically rolling back in my head just typing about it now!

  8. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Looks like we shop at the same fruit and vegie shop. The staff there are soo friendly and helpful. They always say hello, love to have a chat and the service is the best. Love stone fruit particularly with a big (really big) dollop of the plain yoghurt they sell. My mouth is watering for a bowl of that now! lol

  9. Miss E says:

    I absolutely agree! Buying local fruit and veg supports our Aussie growers and cuts down ‘food miles’ too! I like to buy my apples at the local orchard – they are not even waxed, just washed and packed. Okay, getting off my soapbox now.

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