All For a Horse Race

Please think 1950’s/1960’s ABC radio announcer voice before reading the following::

Good morning! I’m reporting to you today from sunny Melbourne where, on this day, a horse race Stops The Nation!

Yes indeed, it’s Melbourne Cup time, a public holiday for Melbournians, and where, at 3.00pm the whole nation stops what it’s doing to tune into a horse race! More money changes hands on this day than the GDP of many small nations!

Across the city there will be barbies firing up, friends gathering to gnaw on a chop, eat some salad, and imbibe a beverage or two. Already the trains and cars are packed with people decked out in their finery; many of the men in suits or top hat and tails, women in hats or fascinators, the latest in fashion and sky high heels. Golfers, my own included, ensure they tee off early, finishing in time to see “The Race”!

For me, however, Melbourne Cup day is an opportunity to do what I love best; sewing! Or better still, sewing with friends!

20131104-162930.jpg(My little pile is growing!!)

And we all know it’s Cup time, because of the beautiful roses that abound all around Melbourne. It seems every second house in our neighbourhood is sporting fabulous roses. The best reason for watching the races on the tv is the magnificent rose garden display at Flemington Race Course where you can take a tour and listen/learn about the roses and rose growing (should do that one day!). I’m sure the gardeners there have a clause in their contracts stating that they will have the roses ready by the first Tuesday in November! We heard on the news this morning that there’s just a few roses at Flemington…….just 16,0000!

20131104-163516.jpgWith thanks to my father-in-law and neighbours for the rose pics!

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine!! Enjoy your Melbourne Cup Day….wherever you are!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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2 Responses to All For a Horse Race

  1. On our first trip to Melbourne, we were there at Cup time – the buzz in the city was fantastic, and it was wonderful to see the race-goers in their finery – I have never seen so many fascinators in one place since then!! I love roses – we have a few blooms clinging on in the front garden on the pretty climbing rose – but as we have now had several frosty mornings, they won’t last much longer.

  2. thimbleanna says:

    Well, judging from Anne’s comment, one should be in Melbourne at Cup time. Hmmmmm….. ;-D

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