Saturday Stitching

The delightful Miss E kindly invited us to her home for sewing this month; of course, we all helped out with afternoon tea! Quite a spread!

20131104-155453.jpgI do love the coasters we used….

20131104-155543.jpgI took along my present for Miss S’s latest edition (slow, I know!!)

20131104-155647.jpgMiss S showed us the first block in her new quilt for the new baby….

20131104-155736.jpgLouise is appliquéing….

20131104-160020.jpg…as is Andrea….

20131104-160059.jpgMaree is hand quilting (sorry, we didn’t notice the thread across the photo!)

20131104-160205.jpgand making hexagons blocks!

20131104-160249.jpgall kept together with this cute clip!

20131104-160322.jpgMiss E had some great show and tell for us!! Her first quilt – a hexagon made from left overs from dresses and shirts when she was a tender 16 year old quilter!

20131104-160457.jpgThey’re BIG blocks, as you can see by my hand, and were stitched together on the machine with a 1.5cm seam!!

20131104-160621.jpgMiss E has just inherited some night dresses which were hand made by her grandmother-in-law; the workmanship is exquisite…..

20131104-160745.jpg…and is working on covering a chair….

20131104-161138.jpgwhich would be lovely for a girl, but these spots….

20131104-161215.jpg…are far more appropriate for her son! The girls in the family, though, get to play with this fabulous doll house!

Another lovely day stitching with friends!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Saturday Stitching

  1. Natalie Spilsbury says:

    Thanks for the lovely update I look forward to hearing you news..natalie

  2. Helen F says:

    Don’t you hate going home!!! It was a fantastic day – especially the beautiful hand made night dresses with the magnificent fine embroidery!!!!

  3. My goodness – I don’t know where to start, there is so much gorgeousness in this post! (including your manicure!!) Lots of lovely sewing, I want the dolls’ house …… and not fair with the food, as this is a Fast Day – I’ve had one egg (scrambled) on a small slice of toast for breakfast, and that’s it until dinner tonight!!

  4. treadlemusic says:

    Totally agree with Anne’s (“frayed at the edge”) assessment!! Sadly, I would focus on the food rather than the stitchings/purpose of the gathering!!! LOL! Hugs…….

  5. Fiona Lazenby says:

    Love your blue nails !

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