In the Kettles’ Garden

The Golfer and I took a flying visit to The Kettles last week. We enjoyed a delicious lunch (why does a mother’s cooking always taste so good?), then while The Golfer and Pa Kettle sorted out a computer problem, Ma Kettle and I explored their garden.

Being Spring there’s quite a bit coming into flower, and lots to look at, and pick, both inside….


20131030-173640.jpg…and out….


20131030-174603.jpg…the variegations on the pelargonium leaves are fascinating….

20131030-174719.jpg…and Pa’s silverbeet continues to flourish (yuk!!)….

A lovely visit.

Meanwhile our supposed Spring weather continues to mystify! On Saturday morning the sky to the west looked like this….

20131030-175055.jpg…..heralding, I thought!, some longed for sunshine, but as I turned 90 degrees to the north, the sky looked like this….

20131030-175215.jpg….and the grey skies prevailed…….and have done since, with just a little, teensy, bit of sunshine parting the clouds each day for a very short time. Surely the grey clouds will disperse soon? Undoubtedly I’ll be longing for cool weather before long, but at the moment some sunshine and warmth would be gratefully received!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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7 Responses to In the Kettles’ Garden

  1. We’re never happy with the weather!! It was decidedly chilly overnight – 3 degrees this morning, when Malcolm checked his weather station. Hope it stays nice for our trip doen to Anne’s shop today. Lovely shots of the garden – we wouldn’t have flowers like that until mid-summer!!

  2. Glenda says:

    Gorgeous flower snaps!
    I’m in Seim Reap in Cambodia!
    Amazing country, having a ball !, but soooo hot and humid!!!!

  3. Kyle says:

    What a lovely garden. Our flowers are gone now until spring reaches this side of the globe. So I’ll enjoy your spring/summer time weather as I watch the snowflakes fall.

  4. Lovely colour in Ma Kettle’s garden. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Helen F says:

    Ma Kettle has a “pom pom” bush!!!! I am hanging out for the warmer weather too M!!!!

  6. Lovely orchids. I’m not sure what some of the others are towards the garden. So nice to see the new blooms as ours here have faded and winter approaches.
    Now on the silver beet, do you eat the greens too or just harvest the bottom?
    Thanks for the colorful post.

  7. David Ellis says:

    Really enjoyed those garden pictures, near winter here now looking forward to the spring already

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