Shoe Parade

Many of you Dear Peeps will know by now that I have a few weaknesses…….fabric……bird fabric……chocolate……tins……..and……………shoes!!

Miss GJ has found a shoe shop at Forest Hill Shopping Centre (from the underground car park, come up the escalator, turn left towards Target, and a couple of shops down), and she kindly(?) introduced me to it!! It’s just a pop up shop, so only there for a few weeks longer, but, oh……the Shoes!! They are very cheap ($20.00 $25.00 a pair!), very colourful, lots of styles and very comfy!

I am my mother’s daughter (yes, Ma Kettle has a shoe fetish too!!), so a couple a few, oh, alright four pairs came home with me!! I actually only bought 3 pairs, then I had to – yes, Had To – go back a change a pair for Miss GJ and decided on another, (and ordered another – oops did I say that??!! Um, that will make 5 after I pick them up!!).

So here they are……

Sensible, but comfy (I’ve already been wearing these ones)…..

Sensible, Colourful and comfy….

Gorgeous and colourful….

Fun, fun, fun!….

Ok, I’m set for the rest of Spring and Summer……bring it on!

Happy shoe wearing!
Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Shoe Parade

  1. Suz says:

    Oh, now I need to go to Forest Hill!! These are great! I love open toed blue ones- are they a wedge?

  2. Betty Price says:

    I am one of those people who would pay someone to clothes shop for me–quilt fabric now that’s another story

  3. Glenda says:

    U r giving away priceless secrets!!!
    Now the world will know how I shop !!
    Love a bargin !!!!!
    (Ps I’ve got 6 pairs!!!! )

  4. I should introduce you to my friend Lorraine – I think at the last count she had about 90 pairs of shoes …… she was threatening to put her partner’s clothes in an outbuilding, to give her more room to store her shoes!! And of course our lovely neighbours David and Jackie own the best shoe shop in Hawick (which reminds me, I need a pair of blue shoes for the winter!!)

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