Say hello…..

… the latest acquisition here at p and c…..

Yes, a new fridge!! Sad story; on Wednesday I did think things in the fridge weren’t really cool, but the freezer was working fine. On Thursday The Golfer turned the dial to “really super cold”, but on Thursday evening we realised we had a problem.

First thing Friday we were down at our local white goods store, where the son of one of The Golfer’s mates works and always looks after us well. We hadn’t had time to do any real research, but The Golfer’s mate’s son did us proud and we’d chosen one of the two most popular refrigerators. Thankfully they could deliver on Saturday, so several eskies, cooler bags and bags of ice later, it was a joy to transfer our stuff into the new beast! It meant I had one of those really good clean outs too – dare I tell you?? There were four, yes, four opened jars of pesto, and several sauces and jams that had use by dates that were well and truly passed, and lots of containers with just-a-little-bit-left – why do we I keep these??

Can one wax lyrical about a fridge? I really, really like it!! It’s an upside down fridge (the freezer at the bottom), and it’s so spacious inside, room for lots of food, and so easy to get things out of – no more bending down for an apple or to get the veggies out!!

20131013-125552.jpgAnd The Golfer and I have agreed that no magnets or paraphernalia will mar the beast’s beautiful shiny surface. We have, however, allowed The Boys (Montague Moose and Edward T. Bear) to retain their places as Watchers Over The Household!!…..

20131013-125827.jpgI keep wanting to go and get something, anything!, out of the fridge, just so I can admire it’s loveliness!!

And I’ll go now, before you realise I’m totally insane!!

Happy stitching (or fridge gazing!)
Meredithe x

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12 Responses to Say hello…..

  1. treadlemusic says:

    If only we had the space for such a “beastie”! Alas, unless we redo/purchase all new cabinets, we are doomed to stick with one of the smallest fridges available w/o going to a “dorm room” size. And, yes, I too have those weird almost-gone jars hidden/lurking in its recesses!! Enjoy your star, er…fridge gazing!!!! Hugs……

  2. Maree says:

    I have one of these fridges and I love it! However, probably two thirds of mine is covered in fridge magnets from all around the world (I’m not a traveller, but I’m fortunate to have several friends who travel regularly). And I can totally understand you gazing upon it – I still get a little kick out of mine when I open the door, although it must be going on for two years old now. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. marian says:

    hahaha that’s my fridge, how funny!! i love the freezer at the bottom and my is (almost) a magnet free zone.. much nicer that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is a mighty fine fridge Meredithe !!!!

  5. says:

    Glad to see the top shelf is being put to good use!!!

  6. Hilda says:

    Not insane at all Meredithe – love a good fridge – especially a brand new one!

  7. Liz McMahon says:

    New fridges are awesome, don’t know why but somehow food looks tastier in a new fridge. Can’t believe I’ll be back at Flowerbed two weeks today, so looking forward to telling you all the news from Sue (Spargo)…xxxx

  8. It’s a lovely refrigerator. I don’t think you can put magnets on that finish, they won’t hold. So I guess your safe. Just a warning, these things tend to go out together. Maybe a washer or dryer next.
    That’s what happens here. Our microwave went, no buggy right? Two days later the washer had its last spin and now the water pump is beginning to decline. Always something!
    Your new fridge is very spacious! Hope this one lasts twice as long as it’s predecessor.

  9. So much more sensible to have the fridge on top. Glad too see you have your priorities right on the contents of the top shelf! We have lots of fridge magnets, but as our fridge/freezer is in the utiity room, only we see them.

  10. Isabelle says:

    Hello – just popped over from Thimbleanna’s blog. Love those quilty pictures! I’m a very very very beginner patchworker.

  11. Cathy says:

    Too late…we already know you are insane!!!! Seriously though, she’s a beauty, I love how organised your fridge is, can you come and give me lessons? xo

  12. Annie Andrews says:

    Love your pandg, back to the frig, I lasted a few weeks then had to have granddaughters new drawing displayed then some raffle tickets ,a great photo etc, so I wish you well.

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