Put These Dates Aside!

If you live in Melbourne or surrounds, or would like a lovely weekend in our fair city, put these dates aside….27th to 29 September……..for the annual Quilts in the Barn exhibition. Yes, it’s Grand Final weekend, but you can always come Friday or Sunday…..or Saturday if you’re not a footy fan!! Details here:

20130910-102822.jpgLinda will also have a limited number of a beautiful new chintz book from Quiltmania, on quilts from the Poos Collection……here’s a sneak peek….


20130910-104847.jpgThere will also be a limited number of 2014 Diaries featuring a Di Ford-Hall quilt on the cover!

20130910-105041.jpgContact Linda for more information.

See you there!!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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2 Responses to Put These Dates Aside!

  1. That does sound as if it would be quite a visual feast. I’ll be in Ballarat for a few days, but alas not Melbourne (rowing commitments, you know – my son, not me! I’ll just be cheering).

  2. Wish I could be there …….. but then again, I’ll be in Portugal!!

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