It’s Official!

Yes, It’s Official! It’s been on the news, even the ABC (our national broadcaster), so it really is official. Our state of Victoria has just experienced its warmest Winter on record!!

So how do I, a Chilly-Winter-Lover, feel about this?

20130903-100000.jpgI’m Not Happy!!

I feel…..

Ripped off….



20130903-100057.jpgAfter all, those people who love The Heat had a Summer with long hot days…..

20130903-100207.jpg…and a record spell of 30+ degree days.

20130903-100346.jpgWhere were my days of 10 degrees or under? Those really shiver-me-timber days on end?

20130903-100505.jpgI only wore my Really Winter Jumper once!

20130903-100736.jpgAnd this first week of Spring is soooo mild, well, warm really! We have had so far, and are going to have for the foreseeable future, mid-20 degree days.

But, I have to say, these past few days, it’s been perfect…..ideal…..very pleasurable. And I’m not the least bit worried about Summer —— we have Our AirConditioner!!!!!!

While I was cleaning yesterday, Miss Glenda had a trip into the city and scored really well at l’uccello, and sent me this photo to share with you…..

20130903-101204.jpg….she dun good, the girl! (Hope she means to take me on the Chocolate Walking Tours!!!)

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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8 Responses to It’s Official!

  1. Karen says:

    we have had a mild summer with just a couple weeks of hot here and there we are now slowly moving into fall and still have summer temperatures. weather is weird all over the place isn’t it. love seeing all of your flowers as mine will be here for a month or two still but getting less and less as we get closer to the end of October.

  2. Helen F says:

    gorgeous garden M – the flowers are beautiful!!!! Glenda can’t help herself!! shopaholic, bagaholic and the list goes on…….

  3. Quilter501 says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I HATE summer and its bugs, heat, boats etc. I love cups of hot coffee, warm fires, snow, rain, cloudy days. I feel so ambitious in the cold. I love to bake, make casseroles, soups etc. I love evenings INSIDE with neighbors, playing cards, laughing…… I even hate spring because it means my least favorite SUMMER is coming…… We are slowly slipping into fall. Can’t wait for the first freeze and death of the millions of wasps that are in that frantic mode of nesting now…….. Hope our winter is more like winter than yours. You can come visit!!!! My golfer can teach yours how to hit birdie balls off the deck into the snow and celebrate with shots of whiskey.

  4. broderie says:

    Well it is the most beautiful morning down here in Hobart on the water, blue skies, sparkling water ! Glenda did well with her purchases and I think you had better bring some bits of those daisies when you come to visit next time !

  5. Liz McMahon says:

    You’ll just have to move up here Meredithe…!!!

  6. Ah – come and live in canberra – we had endless days of cold and gloom. It is making this beautiful spring weather all the sweeter!

  7. Carmel Leybourne says:

    I feel the same we have been cheated out of Winter up for years now ,we used to have great winter days.

  8. You will just have to come over here for a visit – although hopefully we will have a mild winter – after the two really bad winters, I don’t want a bad one!! Love Miss Glenda’s purchases!

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