Weekend stitching – part 1

Well I certainly showed myself up with my last post, didn’t I? You all know what an appalling house keeper I am now!! But, time spent on housework means less time for stitching……or socialising…..or blogging!! Thank you all for your lovely comments!!

And I did a bit of socialising and stitching on the weekend so I could do some blogging today…..just for you!!

The highlight of the weekend, and the winner in the show and tell stakes, was Miss S, who brought along her precious, newborn baby daughter…..

20130827-111146.jpgAt that stage she was just 12 days old…..so beautiful…..tiny, tiny perfect fingers and toes…..little nose and gorgeous rosebud mouth….

20130827-111323.jpgKnitting by Nanna and embroidery by Great Grandma! I spent quite some time holding her and staring at her…..such a miracle!!

Ahem!! There was some other show and tell too!! Mrs Mac’s sister has come to the Dark Side!!! Welcome Miss D!! And she’s hit the ground running with fabric for not one, not two, but three quilts!!

Paper pieced Hexagons (yes, I did give another lesson!)….

20130827-111653.jpgSplit 9-patch….

20130827-111818.jpg(that cute heart was part of the wrapping!)

And the beginnings of a “something” for her son….

20130827-112006.jpgMrs Mac had some lovely new fabrics to show us too….

20130827-112239.jpg…and Helen has bought some background for the stars she’s making using my Prairie Star template (VT4008MC)…

There was stitching on Saturday too, and Heather has finished this oh so cozy flannel quilt, all in bright flannels (and I thought that was an oxymoron!!)….

20130827-113205.jpgApart from Prairie Stars, Helen is also working on her Sunburst Blocks (VT4017 / VT4018 MC), with the first one complete!

And to finish….another of “our” new baby, who was holding onto my finger!!

20130827-113547.jpg*Sigh*!! So sweet!!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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8 Responses to Weekend stitching – part 1

  1. Helen F says:

    That precious little bundle of joy still brings a tear to my eye!!!! Great catch up!!!

  2. Oh the delight of a beautiful new baby! I love the tiny- ness of her! (The fabric and stitching looks good too!)

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Sweet baby (and they smell so awesome, too!!! sigh…..). Huge dose of fabric deliciousness!! There isn’t a one I’m not wanting! The ‘Prairie Star’ and ‘Sunburst’ are calling me (actually, they have been and I’ve kinda been ignoring them!). Too much going on to start a totally new direction!! Hugs…….

  4. thimbleanna says:

    Awww, there’s nothing like a newborn baby. {Sigh.} Looks like you had a good gathering — I’m impressed that you let go of the baby long enough to take pictures!

  5. Quite apart from the baby-induced knee weakness, I’m bowled over particularly by that beautiful, bright flannel (I don’t know that I’d ever considered that an oxymoron, perhaps because I’ve made some quite startling PJ trousers for my son over the years). It’s gorgeous.

  6. njquilter24 says:

    the last picture just made tears in my eyes soooo precious

  7. Miss E says:

    Beautiful creations one and all (especially the bubby!) I wonder what those precious little hands will create in years to come…

  8. Teresa says:

    Beautiful sweet child. Thanks for sharing her.

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