A Bit More Sewjourn Stitching

Thank you all so much for your loverly comments about our Sewjourn doings!! Would you believe there’s more?! I unpacked my sewing bag after doing Wednesday’s blog post and remembered that I achieved something else at Sewjourn!!

The remaining three hexagon stars for the MSG (Margaret Sampson George) quilt have been basted onto the background, and subsequently one and one-sixth(!) have now been appliquéd into place….

20130815-170318.jpgJust loving this project!!

Off on a mission this weekend…….all will be revealed Monday! Have a lovely weekend – know I will!!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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8 Responses to A Bit More Sewjourn Stitching

  1. Karen says:

    those are such pretty hexagon stars – I am making some hexies in that shape but in totally different colors and now I wish I had done them bright instead – I have a lot left to do though so maybe I will add a bunch of other colors to mix in – we will see!

  2. Jenny M says:

    Your colours are stunning, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the progress of this quilt. Margaret was the guest speaker at the Vic Quilter’s meeting last Saturday. Margaret gave a very interesting talk and it was a treat to see her work and that of some of her students up close.

  3. The hexie stars are looking good. I wonder what your weekend adventure is – looking forward to reading about it!

  4. Jean says:

    Those Hexie stars are looking very lovely

  5. thimbleanna says:

    Oh, they’re so pretty Meredithe! What a LOT of work!!!

  6. I love all the fussy cutting that you’ve done for these hexies!

  7. marian says:

    what gorgeous blocks!!

  8. How small are those hexies?! Amazing work.

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