Mission Possible

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A trip to the Dandenongs to find The Haby Goddess

Enjoyment Factor?


Success Rate?


The Story?

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As part of Glenda’s Rehabilitation, it is my Duty to ensure she doesn’t get Bored, and has Outings to alleviate Cabin Fever. And so, in an effort to fulfil this assignment, we set out on our latest Mission and visited Monbulk, taking an ever so slight detour, wrong turn or two, variant track, deviation (we were Not Lost, just having an Adventure!), before reaching our destination.

As promised, this shop is “putting the chic back into haberdashery” and the lovely proprietress, Jodie, was so warm and welcoming, we felt right at home from the off!! Here’s a little taste of what we saw


20130808-164621.jpgPlus some great magazines, including Mollie Makes, and general haby items (press studs, cotton, elastic etc). This shop is Well Worth a visit, and such a pretty drive over, around, through the Dandenongs. Jodie is also running a range of classes which you can check out on her website above. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome and a delightful time browsing through this lovely store!!

As a bonus you can also visit Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop, about 5 minutes down the road (we decided to leave that visit for another day as time was marching on).

After all our oohing and aahing, we needed some sustenance, and the nearby Kallista Tea Rooms provided the perfect setting….

20130808-165429.jpg…for an afternoon tea of Lindt Dark Hot Chocolate

20130808-165557.jpg…in a Really Tall glass

20130808-165655.jpgwith fresh home cooked scones, home made jam and thick luscious cream


20130808-165840.jpgWhile we were enjoying our afternoon tea, the rain started and it poured all the way home (a little hairy coming down the mountain and in peak hour traffic!) and continued for most of the night! It is Winter after all!!

Mission Accomplished!! Another tick on Glenda’s list!

Happy stitching
Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Mission Possible

  1. How good of you to drive a poor sick friend all that way – especially as you don’t covet all those lovely things. When we first visited Melbourne (almost 8 years ago) we went to Monbulk and to Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop (when she was in her previous premises). I’m drooling over the hot chocolate and scones – as this is a fast day, it’s torture!!

  2. Suz says:

    A few more names to put on my ‘places to visit’ list!

  3. Beautiful crimson rosellas, nicely set off by what looks like a beautifully calorie controlled arvo tea. 🙂

  4. That looks like a completely perfect day!!!

  5. Glenda says:

    Im so spoilt !
    What a lovely day !
    We really didn’t get lost , we detoured!!!

  6. It looks like a lovely day out. You and Anne are killing me with these sconnage photos!
    Yum .
    I liked the looks of those vintage-esque. Cake decorations.

  7. Karen says:

    I think the English/Australian’s and whatever countries involved LOL have it so right to do afternoon tea in such spectacular fashion!!! It always looks so lovely presented, beautiful – it makes me want to run off to one of the countries that does this!! Here you would have to go to a really grand hotel to get something like this (that I know of anyhow as I have never seen it) – I put on pounds just looking at it – but it would be so wonderful 🙂

  8. thimbleanna says:

    And now you have me drooling over that chocolate and sconnage (as Anne would say Ha!)!!!

  9. Janine says:

    So happy to see that Glenda’s Rehab is going so well. You are very selfless Miss M to help so much. I know that her other Health Care Workers are also doing their best. xx

  10. marian says:

    I love those kind of detours, especially on an outing in the Dandenongs!! Lots of lovely goodies to drool over 🙂

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